Gift Ideas for Gamers

Hey guys, I’m looking for gift ideas. Whether retro or just all around gamer. It can be cool little trinkets, a raspberry pi (for the gift that requires some work) or cheap indie steam keys. Anything video game related would be cool. Just looking to find some websites selling band wagon retro stuff or any interesting ideas you have.

Retro Game Treasure – buy one month for a friend, or a whole year for yourself :wink:

Steam Game Awards sale – there are some decent discounts on games from the last year that might make for a cheap gift for someone. I recommend Oxenfree for anyone who loves a good creepy mystery and excellent art design.

Volume – the latest game from Mike Bithel (Thomas Was Alone) can be had for as low as a dollar from a current Humble Bundle). This is a fantastic game for anyone who likes steal games and puzzle solving. It also has a distinct aesthetic that some people will love. Volume alone makes this Humble Bundle a steal, not to mention other games to be had in the two current bundles.

Yogscast Jingle Jam 2016 on Humble – for $30 you will get a game a day from this deal. There are a lot of $1 gifts to be had for friends. The first week includes Kholat for horror fans, Psychonauts for people who like retro 3D action-adventure platformers, and Back to Bed for lovers of M.C. Escher, impossible geography and/or puzzles.

GOG winter sale – lots of good games on sale now. Also earn free games for yourself.

Raspberry Pi 3 kit – everything a person needs to start their own retro console project.

Raspberry Pi Zero – from $5 for the board to $24 for a whole kit, the Pi Zero is a perfect gift for tinkerers. The Zero is faster than the original Pi and smaller. It is great for various projects from automation to a NES emulator housed in a classic NES controller.

If I think of more ideas I’ll let you know.

Classic mobile games, especially if on sale – Monument Valley, Hitman Go, Lara Croft Go, Super Hexagon, Ridiculous Fishing, Limbo, Year Walk, Device 6, Burly Men at Sea, etc. Anything inexpensive or on sale that you can gift friends. There’s lots of choice there from puzzle, to twitch games, to story based thrillers (I highly recommend Device 6 and Year Walk for beautiful, intelligent, chilling games).

Game soundtracks on Bandcamp – there are some great soundtracks on Bandcamp from awesome indie games. Hyper Light Drifter, Journey, Firewatch, Bastion, to name a few.

iam8bit – If you have a person you want to splurge on who loves game music check out vinyl from iam8bit. Hyper Light Drifter, Journey, Monument Valley, Oxenfree, Super Hexagon, etc.

So, this company based in Germany sells game related clothing. It’s quite expensive, but seriously good quality…
(I think they have a link on their front page to their US store equivalent).

I went through a phase of playing a lot of Diablo 3 and my wife bought me this parker style coat…
…baring in mind that this is not cosplay. it is proper clothing, made with high quality materials (wool in this case) to a very high standard. I still wear it as it’s just a great winter coat, even though I don’t play Diablo any more.

I can’t vouch for all their gear, but the coat I received was a seriously decent winter coat (5*), with a price to match.

…So if you want to really spoil someone, then consider it an option.

(c.f. disclaimer… I have absolutely zero ties and no connections with this company. It was just a very well appreciated gift, from the wife).

I love joke gifts. For las Christmas I get USB NES Controller for PC.
You can also find crazy mouses and colorful headphones.

EDIT: I forgot about Pendrives. I love my Darth Vader. :slight_smile:

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