Getting to Know Each Other (with video games!)

Hey everyone! I’m fairly new to posting here (longtime lurker). I wanted to contribute a new post and noticed a lack of an introduction thread. I find talking about myself to be difficult but talking about my favorite games is EASY so here is a template with prompts to share your favorite video games.

If you’re not sure how to edit the template, I made mine using Photo Pea and SteamGridDB.

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I’ll introduce myself first to kick things off!

I go by Roach most of the time. Born in the 90’s. I have been playing games since preschool basically. The first game I remember playing was Pokemon on Game Boy (can’t remember if it was Red or Blue) and the first game that traumatized me was Resident Evil on PlayStation (the zombie face reveal). I don’t think I unlocked my passion for video games until I experienced Final Fantasy VII a few years later. Since then, video games have been a large part of my life (arguably too large). I am a huge fan of art, music, and books, so I also delve into those aspects of gaming as well. I have a large library of OSTs and artwork on my PC, and I collect art books and physical guidebooks to add to my bookshelves.

When making my template, I tried not to repeat franchises while remaining honest about my tastes. I’d love to talk about any of my favorites and I’d love to see all of yours!


My first game was ExciteBike on the NES, And I’ve never stopped playing since. I’ve owned nearly every well known console both handheld and home since probably the PS1.

A couple notes on my chart:

The “I love, Others Hate” game isn’t so much hated as either missed or forgotten. It came out late in the PS2 lifespan, after the next gen consoles already were released for a couple years. It got hammered by critics but anyone who played it gave it fairly good reviews and seemed to enjoy it.

My “Game you always come back to” is more for the whole series, as I’ve been playing Forza since the first game on the original Xbox and have played almost every entry extensively.

and finally my “Guilty Pleasure” game is the first one I think of in the genre, but I will play any Car Combat game I can get my hands on, and love nearly all of them in some way or another.


This was really fun to put together! Thanks to Roach for the nifty prompt and template.

First games I ever played were all weird edutainment titles for DOS. Challenge of the Ancient Empires was one of those and was the first game I ever loved, so it gets the honorary spot as Favorite of All Time.

For the life of me I couldn’t pick just one Best Story, but my favorite emergent gameplay story will always be from space-empire builder Neptune’s Pride. It’s frankly kinda awful, but one match me and a couple other underdogs discovered an exploit in the game rules and formed a secret alliance to take advantage, spending 2 real-world months developing illegal FTL tech that allowed us to completely dismantle the hegemonic power. Hatching a hail mary plan in hushed whispers, furtively putting our pieces in place for eons, falling into insane paranoia about possible turncoats, and then finally, perfectly springing our trap on an unsuspecting tyrant was indescribably glorious.


Man, this was hard. Tried to keep one game/series in each category, and not repeat any series.


This was a fun time waster, thanks for bringing it! I’m also a 90s child, my first game console was the SNES and Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. All-Stars were my earliest gaming obsessions. I only played on Nintendo consoles until my teenage years, after which getting a PC unlocked a whole new world of games.

For Black Ops, I know it was immensely popular at the time, but any player I talk to today talks it down as one of the inferior titles in the series. I still find it to be the best Call of Duty.

For Hades, I don’t hate it per se, but it’s definitely the first game that came to mind that is universally loved and is just not for me.

Minecraft is a guilty pleasure because every small child in the mid 2010s loved the game, and there I was in my 30s sometimes playing it too… :slight_smile:


Black ops is the best. It sits alongside of MW2 for me as the best the series offered. But MW2 is more for the multiplayer where black ops has the best story


Agreed, Modern Warfare 2 definitely had the best multiplayer! I also found that Black Ops to have the best iteration of the Zombies mode, which was the best co-op I’ve played in the series.


I just never really got into Zombies mode. I did like the alien version of it but I can’t remember which game had that


@Ureshi When you say “car combat”, does that count games like Twisted Metal? Or is that the name of a series?

@shinespark Is your favorite villain deceptively wholesome? Cause she looks like a farming sim bachelorette. Also I don’t recognize your relaxing and stressful games at all.

@Gringorilla There are quite a few games here I don’t recognize. Villain, boss fight, childhood game, and stressful game.

@lingsdook I didn’t have much internet access growing up so I missed the train on a lot of multiplayer games such as Halo, Call of Duty, etc. I still have only played a couple rounds of zombies (no idea which CoD it was) on PS3. No idea where to start in the series, especially since there’s like five different Modern Warfare IIs???


Any car combat games. It’s a genre. So twisted metal, vigilante 8, etc.

If you were to play call of duty games, they don’t all connect. Some do, but some are stand alone. I’d recommend

Call of duty 3

Call of duty 4 modern warfare
Call of duty modern Warfare 2 (2009)
These tie together

Call of Duty Black ops
Has sequels but this one is the only really good one of them

Call of duty ghosts
This one is usually hated on, but I think it’s one of the more interesting ones from story standpoints.


Huh. This is honestly the first time I’ve heard that term. Learned something new today. Not sure if I’ve ever really played a car combat game before. I do remember seeing loads of weird advertisements for Twisted Metal growing up though, haha.

I might consider giving Call of Duty a try. I’m in need of a shooter since dropping Destiny 2 and Halo Infinite Multiplayer.

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Villain is Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid.

Boss fight is the gorilla at the end of world 1 of Astro Bot Rescue Mission for PSVR1.

Childhood game is Rollergames for NES, based on a reality TV show of the same name.

Stressful game is Blast Factor, a very good downloadable game for PS3 with 4-player coop.


The original Modern Warfare 1 and 2, not the 2019 and 2022 games of the same names, are probably the go-tos. Both games also had remasters, if I recall.

I’d also recommend World at War and Black Ops, which have a shared story continuity. All of these games are a bit old though, so I’m not sure how active the multiplayer modes are.

The newer games may be more active, but I honestly haven’t bought a Call of Duty game in many years. It was always obvious that they copy/pasted the same game year after year, but now it’s more difficult than ever to distinguish the games from each other.


Heh, interesting exercise that took me a bit to complete.

The “tons of hours played” might be topped at some point, I promised myself to never play it again and I intend to live that promise. The “have not played but want to” slot could have been 3 or 4 sagas (FFs, MGSs to name a few) but decided to go with one that tells a bit more, I’d say. Also tried not to put the same game in more than one category but some categories were a bit of a stretch for me to fill in in the first place, so I did what it was needed.


oh yeah I saw this on a reddit sub one time. never returned. pretty good choice knowing reddit.

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Xenoblade 2’s soundtrack is incredible. That one was in the running for me!


A fellow Majora’s Mask enjoyer?


I grew up playing Seiken Densetsu 3 on an emulator and had no idea it was a Mana game until the port and remaster was announced a few years back. Do fans really not enjoy this one or something? It’s one of my absolute favorites but I haven’t played it since I was a kid so I have no context.


It’s ridiculous how good it is. One of the remarkable points of IMO the weakest game of the series.