Gaming to non-gamers

I don’t know this guy nor I have told to promote his content but as person who has played games over 20 years and always assumes certain mechanics I found this video really interesting.


I’ve experienced the exact same playing videogames with my girlfriend. She had a PS2 back in the day but used it to play Singstar and the likes. When we tried A Way Out recently, she struggled massively with the camera and with the logic of some puzzles which solution came instantly to me. It felt, indeed, like the game was speaking a language she didn’t quite understand. It was a lot of fun, though.


Everytime my wife brings up even a passing interest in anything to do with gaming my heart skips a beat. She recently brought up wanting to play Golf It! with me which if it happens would be super fun. Anything that we can do together is always a delight honestly.

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