Games The Should Be...But Aren't

I thought it might be fun to discuss games that seem like a sure fire, totally win, excuse to print money, brilliant idea but for one reason or another don’t exist. Let us know what game boggles your mind in its non-existence.

For me, I have no idea how we don’t have a Ghostbuster business sim yet. It seems like such an obvious idea and a perfect fit for the licence. Imagine how cool it would be to run your own Ghostbusters team, researching equipment and ghosts, sending teams out on busts, it’s be amazing.

Some released Ghostbusters games have elements of this, such as the 3DS version of the 2009 game which has you researching new tech, and there was a mobile game that had you running the GB HQ in New York, but there has never a proper business sim-like game.

There is a game on Steam called GhostControl Inc. which looked like it was going to be exactly this. Sadly, the creator and lead dev passed away in 2019, and the game has been at a stand still ever since. I doubt it’ll ever be finished.


I would have to say a “money printing” game in my eyes that I have dreamed about since my school days has been a proper Pokémon MMO. I understand the costs that would go into the architecture but if done well and by an experienced developer working hand in hand with Nintendo and Game Freak or with them as consultants, I imagine it would('ve) been a massive hit.

Imagine, roaming around the various regions, expanded and more detailed then ever with the ability to train, breed, become a gym leader, join a guild/ or team, fish, etc all in the already lore rich world.

I know there have been multiple instances unofficially, trying to get this off the ground but with the technology and more widespread internet usage around the world, I think it would be a decent time to try this through official channels. Probably will never happen, but I can dream.


I’ve always thought that myself. Seems like such a good idea, especially if they kept with the original 2D pixel graphics.


You definitely would have to stick with the GBA style of graphics. I wouldn’t be upset if they dabbled into NDS a bit but I have a sweeter spot for the former.


Jem and the Holograms. I can’t believe there wasn’t ever a game.

Also, a recent Sailor Moon RPG. Another Story was okay but I think the market was ripe a few years ago for a modern day entry. One off fighting games don’t seem too popular these days but that’s an option too.


I’m amazed that Sailor Moon Crystal didn’t spawn a new game.


Maybe that (apparently, I’ve not seen it) awful Jems movie killed any chances of a game?

Some of the Sailor Moon beat 'em ups are supposed to be pretty good, right? But yeah, it is surprising there hasn’t been a modern one, especially when there seems to be a billion Dragon Ball games.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is fun but we could’ve had so much more, especially since the property was and is so popular. Just a bunch of missed opportunities.

I could almost see a GhostBusters themed X-com tactical game doing well. Youd have the base building business sim bits like you were talking about, but also get to fight ghosts and stuff like Stay Puft for bosses.

That would be really cool!

Honestly, I have no idea why a sequel to the 2009 game never happened. It was very successful and they set it up so the original actors wouldn’t necessarily need to be in it. Be much better than the 4v1 crap that’s out at the moment.

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That was WAY later, though, I mean in the heyday of the cartoon. I get that licensed games weren’t a huge thing in the infancy of the NES, but that nothing ever came out still bewilders me a bit.

If I remember correctly, there was more than one each of the match/pop the balloons puzzle games, all the way through Stars, beat em ups, and fighting games. The only RPG was Another Story. I don’t really get it, other than that RPGs are more time/work/money to develop.

I think they missed a huge opportunity with Crystal, which has now basically run its course. They did a bunch of popups and displays in Japan, but those were mainly to sell merch. I think Sailor Moon and the appeal of a game is way more popular in the west than in Japan (also here it’s kind of an all ages thing over there it’s a little girls show for little girls), and Japanese IP holders and game developers probably don’t give a shit if NA and PAL want a Sailor Moon game. Another Story was never localized, either.


I think Sailor Moon and the appeal of a game is way more popular in the west than in Japan (also here it’s kind of an all ages thing over there it’s a little girls show for little girls), and Japanese IP holders and game developers probably don’t give a shit if NA and PAL want a Sailor Moon game.

You are probably right. I can attest for myself being a 30 something male and liking the property, while my eldest daughter digs it as well. It’s just a fun and endearing franchise.

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I love it. A new SM game would be a day one purchase for me. I guess now we wait for the fortieth anniversary. :smiling_face:


a battletech RTS game where you are either ComStar or the Clans during the Battle of Tukayyid. Basically, in 3052 an army that controls the communication systems galaxy-wide (ComStar) is challenged by combined factions who have returned after their ancestors left the known universe centuries ago with new techology and mechs, (Clans) and see themselves as the rightful owners of earth (or Terra because it’s cooler) fight on a planet named Tukayyid, and whoever won would either, (in the case of the clans) descend upon Terra or (In the case of ComStar) force the enemy into a decade-and-then-some truce. Brutal infantry, tank, and battlemech (big shooty piloted robots) ensued, whenever a comstar mech was destroyed, one more took it’s place. lightning quick strikes against the clans left them dazed, wondering what had happened, Comstar won, and this is long text but it would be an awesome game. Battletech lore is fucking convoluted, though. I’m sure I’ve made that apparent.

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Man, a good Doctor Who game. How has this never happened? With 60 years of lore now there is more than enough to mine.

Sever years back when Tennant was the current Doctor (the first time) there was this brilliant Doctor Who comic series called The Forgotten in which the Doctor remembered only his name (Doctor), that he was a Time Lord and that he travelled the universe, but didn’t know what any of that meant. He found himself in a kind of museum about himself so went through the exhibitions for each regeneration and something in them would remind him of an adventure from that period of his life. In the end he gains all his memories back and defeats the bad guy.

Something like that would make a brilliant game, being able to play as each Doctor, gameplay based around a certain aspect of that incarnations’ character. It also allow for a heaps of different monsters to be in it.

The Doctor isn’t really about blowing stuff up (mostly) so I could see it being a stealth adventure game, something similar to A Plague Tale, using the Sonic Screwdriver, or before that his flute or wit, to create distractions. Could be amazing.

Sadly, all we’ve had so far are quick cash-ins.

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