Games That Touched You

says it all on the tin.

ill go first, obviously- The Eternal Return, made by the same guy who made Revenge Of The Sunfish. i played both today, the latter of which i couldn’t finish because of how laggy it was (for me, at least). here’s his website.

anyhoozle! TER is a walking / driving sim wherein you go through what is described as the collective psyche. it’s surreal, tongue in cheek, meta, and very, very odd. it’s also very short, and i enjoyed it quite a bit.

it touched me, though, mostly because of the quotes on the wall and the things that happen that correlate to them- for example, there is text on the wall in the beginning of the game, next to a bunch of pictures of cats and kittens, about how all of them are likely dead by now. then in the next room, as you drive by some more pictures of cats and kittens, they’re replaced by red text that says “DEAD”, and variations of it.. there’s also several quotes about buddhism (though it is never directly mentioned, i presume they relate to nirvana in some way), the meaning of life and death, etc. i related to them, and they reminded me of the thoughts i have when im feeling particularly nihilistic (as… corny, as that sounds).

though, the rooms that struck me the most were the drug room and the graveyard.

the drug room has various quotes about how you can get addicted to drugs, and how they’ll kill you, which is simple enough, but it just struck me. there’s also lots of visuals of drugs, overdosing, etc, and it just… struck me. i will not say why, because im not revealing information about my personal life to a video game website, but it hit. hard. especially the section where you take mushrooms, and each time you do, you scream in anguish.

the graveyard is exactly what it says on the tin; you go through a graveyard. however, there’s text that talks about death, and how you too will become a rotting corpse, directly after you scare away some crows feasting on a corpse. it reminded me all too much of my complicated relationship with death- as a concept, with my own death, with other’s deaths.

i can’t quite articulate why the game hit so hard for me beyond that, but it struck a cord, and it felt like some odd, surreal depiction of my trauma and my thoughts. but who knows!

what’s touched you guys?


Hotline Miami, LISA The Painful, Link’s Awakening (I liked the ending), Fallout 1,2, and NV, Beneath A Steel Sky, Revenge Of Shinobi, ETC, ETC, ETC.
I could go on for days…



Marc Eckos Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. I wont elaborate here as im working on a review slowly but surely that goes into it.

SpiderMan Miles Morales. Played it 3 times. Cried at the end every time. Rare time I cried for a movie/game.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I love the character of Midna and her growth throughout the game. I get emotionally attached to her.

Im sure theres more, but thats the first that comes to mind.


ive seen a bit of lisa the painful (i need to play it, no spoilers!), and what i did see fucking HURT. i think it’d do evil things to me.

and YESSS YESSSSSSSS the fallout games are so…UGH. i havent finished any of them, but they’re so touching in every way i can think of- characters, politically, etc. the ending of fallout 1 haunts me… so does the genocide ending in new vegas, brr!


ive heard into the spiderverse (+ its sequel) are such AMAZING movies, and i can only imagine the game is the same. i still havent watched them, shockingly, but what ive seen looks SO good, SO touching… you can tell the creators put a lot of passion into them.


The movies are outstanding. Im slightly biased for Miles, but even still


REAL!!! coming of age is one of my fav tropes :o)… and in general, i just like silly teenage characters. especially when theyre done well


I remember finding Celeste pretty relatable the first time. To some extent


Call Of Duty: Black Ops 1 & 2; Battlefield 3; Halo: Reach; Inside; Mafia II; Red Dead Redemption; Sonic Generations; Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2; Super Smash Bros. Brawl; Undertale; Celeste, etc.

They all have a very special place in my heart because they all left a mark on me after finishing them; at some point, I always remember them with affection and nostalgia due to the great moments I had playing them, as well as the amazing stories written within them.

The cryptic nature of Black Ops; the beautiful pianos and planets of Mario Galaxy; the vast world of Red Dead Redemption; the deep characters and story of Mafia II; the desolation of Reach, and so on. All, and more, of those characteristics made some of the greatest memories I have playing videogames.

I probably missed a few btw :p.


What Remains of Edith Finch - Especially the last story of the young man losing his grip for what was real and what was a fantasy and the old man finally getting out of his cellar prison and dying at his first moment in freedom, but all the stories are great. I still think about that game.

Disco Elysium - When in the end all your decisions come together and the meeting with the Insulindian Phasmid happens. Also I love Kim and I hate Cuno to a point I can still hear their voices.

Higurashi When they cry - My only anime visual novel so far and a through and through weird story. Still all the characters grew on me and it left a deep, touching impression. I resonated a bit too much with crazy Rena though.

The Witcher series as a whole. Not just for the main questline(s) but for so many smaller stories of loss and grief, the terrors of war, racism, greed and humans being worse than monsters. Also the sadness in how some of the elves fight knowing their world and time is vanishing no matter what they do.

There is this one long and tiresome questline in World of Warcraft Vanilla: The Onyxia Attunement and on step 14 you enter Stormwind with a certain NPC and all the soldiers kneel down in front of him and in the end there is a big reveal and it was the most exciting thing that happened to me in gaming at that point because my guild told me not to look up what was going to happen and I was probably the only person on the server that did not know and my guild made it even more special for me (RP guilds can be awesome). Still tearing up a bit when thinking back. It was for sure part the story, part being finally rewarded for a lot of work and the people I was playing with being great.

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Priest simulator

Oh wait, no.


i really was saddened by inscryptions ending, especially the way leshy died , portal 2 ending when wheatley apologises

Backfire_wall. Im not going to spoil this one but this game was actually such a rollercoaster emotionally that i highly encourage you to check this game out if you are at least vaguely enjoyed portal 2 and its humor

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Games that really touched me were Star Wars Jedi Knight Academy because back when I was 13 I was very immersed into reading star wars novels.

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Immediately off the top of my head (there are definitely more):

  1. Final Fantasy X. If you’ve beat it, you know.
  2. The Last of Us. Specifically Joel’s character. Joel tends to become very defensive when it comes to feelings and vulnerability, which is something I heavily relate to. You can see this very clearly in the scene at the farmhouse between him and Ellie.
  3. Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers + Endwalker especially. If you’ve beat it, you know.
  4. Lil Gator Game. This game reminded me of the joy of play, especially as a child who wanted to bring the magic of games to life by larping or playing pretend. Side note: highly recommend renaissance faires to make these dreams reality.
  5. Ori and the Blind Forest. The first time I booted up this game, it emotionally traumatized me. I was not ready for it. I beat it a couple years ago and ugly cried a few times throughout. Animals/creatures are a sore spot for me.
  6. Unpacking. There’s a level in particular where you move in with a boyfriend and there’s not enough space for you in their life.
  7. Astro’s Playroom. A celebration of PlayStation which in turn is a celebration of growing up alongside it.

the unpacking one made me TEAR UP. jesus christ? jesus fucking christ. i should add that to my wishlist.

all of these sound so cool also … i can see why these would touch u the way they did :o3