Games that need a sequel

What games would you really like to see get a sequel?

Off the top of my head I can think of…

Jade Empire
Horizon: Zero Dawn (I know, that’s a recent one and will probably get a sequel)
Sonic Generations

Undertale hands down.

You cannot argue with me:

Dino Crisis!!

Crapcom has milked the Resident Evil franchise again and again but given no love to the Dino Crisis franchise since 2003.

Jurassic Park Operation Genesis would have been on my mind too but THANK GOD they’re making Jurassic World Evolution!!

Far Cry: Blood Dragon, Chaos Overlords, Terminator: Future Shock

Doubt any would be that good but i’d bite nevertheless.

I’ll go with GTA: San Andreas which will most likely never happen since Rockstar will not go back to the 3D universe. Heard some rumors that GTA: San Andreas 2 will come out but as far as I saw, those were fake.

I’d really like to see a Condemned 3 and a sequel to 2016’s Doom


I second the idea for a sequel to Doom (2016). That’s basically the only sequel I’m really anticipating.


Point-and-Click Games Are Dead. Only Daedalic still makes true gems. And their games aren’t too sweet, they’re similar to Grimms’ tales. I love their sad endings.

This might a cheat, but a proper Dino Crisis 3, that ending to the second game left me in tears as a kid and I always wanted to come back… It was a good story, maybe a bit odd but still… Quality.

Sonic Mania! Sega have an event coming up soon to discuss what 's next for Sonic…

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Claw 2.
Nuff said.
My childhood will be reborn.

OMG That is my childhood game too! It is a cult thing in Poland - Claw has got beautiful animation, hard levels, full polish dubbing and in 90’s no one had expensive PS in my neighborhood :stuck_out_tongue: One of my best Christmas gifts ever!


Then get that cult to do a sequel or something :frowning:
I just want some continuation to this.
Its not like the story couldnt continue.

Changed my mind. Also Bioshock, Borderlands, Tomb Raider, and I can’t wait to see more God of War after playing the newest game.

A sequel to Hey Arnold! the Movie [GBA] based on Hey Arnold! the Jungle Movie

It could be in the same style, with more characters