Gamer's Recommendations Hunt?

The reason I joined Grouvee was because a) I wanted a way to categorize the games I’ve now starting to organize and b) a way to find new games. However, I haven’t come across anything online (or here) that was a “if you liked this game, try these” type recommendation. You see it a lot of books and movies, so how do you guys find games to play based on games you previously finished and enjoyed?

There was a feature on your shelves page, I think it was like “what to play next,” but that was just based on your back log. I usually find games to play from people I talk to on the site, or forum topics. Also Steam has a “similar to games you’ve played” section of the store page. What games are you in to?

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That is the same thing I do. I find new games via reviews, trailers and talking to people here. It’s helpful to look at the games that are favourited by people who also enjoy some of your own favourite games.

My backlog and wish list is growing thanks to my friends here. I like to have Grouvee display everyones’ status updates and reviews. If I see the same game talked about from several people I usually dig further. Games like Life is Strange, Gone Home, and the Souls games get a lot of activity.

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I will have to find that feature, I did not see it before. My interests are pretty mixed, but I seem to lean towards rpg’s and puzzle-type games. I play light-hearted stuff like Pokemon to heavily-involved (games that take a long time to complete) like the Persona series. You mentioned Life is Strange and Gone Home, which are definitely on my list to play hopefully soon!

Thank you, I will spend more time on Grouvee (as well as other places) to see what people having been digging around with!

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You’re welcome. I like puzzlers too. I’ve enjoyed:

Mobile game puzzlers:

Contre jour
Hitman Go
Path to Luma (free!)
Monument Valley (easy, beautiful, fun)
The Room
Hiversairres (tough but rewarding)
World of Goo (PC too)

PC Puzzlers:

Oo (I guess it’s a puzzle game, maybe not)
7th Guest


Super Meat Boy

I’ll have to update my favorites shelf.

Finding recommendations has always been a struggle for me. A good tool is professional review sites, but not in the way most people seem to use them. Don’t look just at the score, but who gave it. Read a bunch of reviewers and find one that you really like. They like the same games you do. They appreciate the same mechanics that you do. For me, it’s Jeff Gerstmann of It’s not always 100% (and it never will be with anyone) but if he likes a game a scores it highly there’s a good chance I will too. So I take those 5-star reviews to heart.


I definitely second Gone Home and Life is Strange. Both are excellent. Gone Home was especially moving and significant for me. I think I played it three times back-to-back.

I’ve never done this but I’m interested. Sounds like a great way to find games!

If you liked Gone Home and Life Is Strange then I think you’ll like Firewatch; it’s largely story-based but it does have some puzzle-solving. Miasmata is another game which is story + puzzles, though the puzzles are a bit heavier in that one (but it’s one of my all-time favourites). Another one that might interest you is Catherine for the PS3.

Also, if you go to or you can enter one (or more) games that you like, and those sites will make suggestions based on it.