Game Suggestions in May 2022

I dont consider myself a hardcore gamer but I love playing a few good games. The problem is fi ding one that fits my lifestyle and that I enjoy. Im 39 and a family man (wife and daughter) I enjoy first person shooters that I can pick up and play quickly for 30-60 mins and set down like Battlefield Series, Call of Duty, lately insurgency. I also do some side work in EMS field so I enjoy a good/accurate simulator game such as Flashing Lights, Police Simulator, Fire Simulator. Pickup Sports games such as NBA2k22, NHL , and similar are fun as quick time killers. I wish I had more time to get into some of the building games or RPG style like Valheim, V Rising. With all tbat said, doea anyone have any game recommendations? I have most of the latest hardware…nice gaming PC, Quest 2 VR, PS5 and PSVR so I have quite a library of options to choose from.

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If you like simulations, I would recommend Powerwash Simulator, or Car Mechanic Simulator 2018. Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 exists but in my opinion, it doesn’t quite match up to the prior although the garage does look nicer and it is nice to be able to go outside instead of being stuck in the garage. The addition of electrical components is okay though and not handled properly in my view.

Forgive Me Father is also a newly released run and gun out of Early Access in the vein as original Doom, or Quake

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thank you - I like the EMS (Emergency Services) Sims because I do that type of work part time so its interesting to me. As for the powerwash simulator and car simulator I’ve tried both but I’m not so much into rebuilding cars or powerwashing…Dont get me wrong…Great suggestions but I think you’d have to have an increased interest in that area -

Great idea with Forgive me Father…I’m downloading it now actually

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Classic dad - money to buy all the good games and gaming hardware but not enough time to really sink into the hobby. I know since I’m exactly the same :relaxed: