Game Polls: Best Pokemon Game

Pokemon has to be the single most influential game franchise during my childhood and my love for it has stayed with me to present day. Pokemon is Nintendo’s second highest selling game series other than Super Mario and has become an international phenomenon. Most people nowadays know what Pokemon is and recently Pokemon has been on the public mind ever since Pokemon GO launched on mobile and the new games Pokemon Sun and Moon for 3DS were released a few months back. For those of who have played a Pokemon game know exactly how special and unique they are, and you most definitely have a favorite. This poll is only counting the main series games on handheld Nintendo devices so spin-offs like Pokemon Stadium or Pokemon Ranger do not count. (Maybe I can make a best Pokemon spin-off poll too.)

  • Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow
  • Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal
  • Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
  • Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green
  • Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
  • Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver
  • Pokemon Black and White
  • Pokemon Black and White 2
  • Pokemon X and Y
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
  • Pokemon Sun and Moon

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You should probably rename the poll to favourite rather than best, I would find that question much easier to answer ^^

I have played every generation so far, and I’d say that Sun & Moon are best without a doubt from a pure gameplay perspective. However, it is also the only game I haven’t finished, so I guess I can’t call it the best. I think I have spent the most amount of time with Yellow, Silver (and or Crystal) being a close second.

For this poll I’d have to go with the second generation just because it was for me the biggest single improvement of the series. The amount of changes they made from gen1 to gen2 was insane, also factoring in the fact that almost all of the new pokemons were really cool, and the fact that the entirety of Kanto was hidden in there blew me away as a kid. I have so many fond memories from that generation (and the entire series as a whole).

I guess that is a good point, but bmo’s “Best Zelda” poll had people discussing and voting for their “favorites” so I thought I would follow suit. People also discussed the innovations and features that each game brought to the table, so for the poll I would suggest voting for the Pokemon game you enjoyed the most and discussing the elements that made that game special to you.

I do agree that Gold and Silver were the most content heavy games, and therefore the most fun, but I honestly prefer the DS remakes because of the upgraded visuals and the ability to have YOUR POKEMON FOLLOW YOU EVERYWHERE.