Game I loved but shouldn't have

What games have you loved even though you knew they were bad games? Or games that you know you really shouldn’t like (given what you normally play), but you loved it anyway. Why do you think this was?

One game for me in this category is: Lord of the Rings, Third Age.

I’ve collected a lot of Gamecube games that once I get a chance to play will probably fit into this description. For now the one that immediately comes to mind is Pac-Man World 2 and the Frogger games. Especially Temple of the Frog.

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I love anime style dating sims, like Hatoful Boyfriend (pigeon romance :blush: ).


A friend of mine once announced that he didn’t have any “guilty pleasures.” His girlfriend laughed good-heartedly and said, “Oh, honey.” But we couldn’t persuade him that a “guilty pleasure” is a good thing. What makes these games so much fun even though we know they’re awful?

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I have almost 60 hours logged in Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains. I think it’s a really fun adaptation, despite the fact that it’s a buggy mess (one of the missions is impossible to complete because characters won’t move).

I also continue to play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp daily, despite the hate it gets for its microtransactions and loot boxes (I have yet to spend a penny on it).

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This is a perfect topic for one of my most recent guilty pleasures: Sparkle 2. I always like to give every PS+ game a fighting chance and for some reason this one totally resonated with me.

It’s just a simple match 3 game, pretty easy, story is really bare bones. Feels like one of those games you see at Wal-Mart in a box sitting near other electronics, like a solitaire game.

I even wrote a review telling how much I love it. But just the title, I mean…Sparkle 2? Doesn’t sound like a stroke of creativity.

Either way, I love it and is perfect for when I don’t feel like thinking too much.


My partner started to question my sanity when every time she’d come home she’d find me playing Hatoful Boyfriend. Such a charming game!


I have a lot of “bad” games that I like. Some of which are:
Shadow the Hedgehog
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Sonic R
TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan
There’s more but that’s all I can think of at the moment.

I don’t have that much “bad” games that I like but I usually go for those that others say they are boring, repetitive etc
one of those boring games would be like resent graveyard keeper.
I don’t know if this is considered a bad game but I love dog’s life on ps2 and I feel like I shouldn’t

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That’s an important distinction, Untuvakana. There are unpopular games and there are bad games. So, for instance, JRPGs are generally unpopular, though they’re my favorite. I generally don’t agree when people criticize the different aspects of the genre, from an over-focus on story to line battles. But in that genre, there are games like Lord of the Rings: The Third Age that are just terrible even as RPGs go. For Third Age, the story is thin and derivative, the gameplay is literally slow, grinding battles, and the end boss is a joke. It hits all the negatives for JRPGs (and many for other genres, too), but I still like playing it.

Epic Mickey 2. It was even buggier than the first one, but I love the concept so much that it carried me through.

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I bought the Legend of Korra game expecting it to be really bad. Turns out Platinum actually did a decent job at throwing together some okay combat and I ended up enjoying it quite a bit and getting all Playstation trophies. Probably won’t ever play it again, but I felt I got my $20 worth.

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I actually had a lot of fun with The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, it was badly made and repetitive but i played the hell out of it when it came out

metal heart replicant rampage. so very bad one of the worst games. unplayable and impossible to complete. but the art style and feel of it was cool.
Planet Alcatraz: sleazy and cringinly political incorrent (russian alt right prison planet RPG) i loved it because it was funny as fuck and the bad transalation made all the thugs more comic.
i tend to like bad media easy. do it different and show me something i havent seen and i wont judge you lol

Nothing about my personality or other hobbies (lifting, mountain bikes, dirt bikes, motorcycles you name it) suggest that I should enjoy even a single second of Hatsune Miku games. But holy shit I love Hatsune Miku games. I’ll dress up divas all damn day, and I listen to these tunes while I’m working.

The rhythm game itself is extremely well done so that also helps with it, but I never thought I’d get so into this type of music, unlocking outfits, etc. It’s just so satisfying to play.

Specifically the two I’m referring to is Project Diva F 2nd on the Vita, and Project Mirai DX on the 3DS.

Needless to say, when Megamix was announced I nearly fainted. I’d been waiting on SEGA to announce something Hatsune Miku-related on the Switch since the day the Switch was announced, as soon as I saw the Joycon controls.

Yeahhh can’t wait for Megamix.


For me it would be: Dungeon Punks (2016) | Grouvee

This game has a really, really bad rating on Grouvee. 1.81, abysmal.

I love it though. I got it for free from PS+ on my Vita. When I first started playing I automatically dismissed it as terrible.

The days went on and I thought about Dungeon Punks, the decent graphics, the sweet clunky weapons, the Golden Axe inspiration it took. Some other things about the game that I sort of thought “hey, that’s pretty cool!”

Now I’m over 10 hours in, might be more like 15. I love it. It has the right amount of janky but I feel this game is really freakin good.

I love Lollipop Chainsaw.

I know… I know :neutral_face: