Final Fantasy VII Badge

This is the discussion/completion topic for Final Fantasy VII. Please keep any spoilers blurred!


Title: SOLDIER 1st Class

If you’ve completed the game, let us know below and an admin will make sure you get your badge!

Thank you to @WerqKween for the badge!


I would like this badge as well!

Unpopular opinion - I don’t love FF7. It’s fun, but not near the top of my list. The plot and the characters (especially Cloud and Sephiroth) aren’t great and it has moments that really drag unpleasantly.


You gots to be careful with them likes on these threads now :slight_smile: When you like my original posts, it gives me the badge. It’s all good though because I needed this one anyway!

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Oh no! But also, oh good! I hope I don’t cave under the pressure.

We are talking about some serious business here. We don’t want any errant unearned badges on Grouvee now.

Badge me up please :blush:

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May I have this badge as well? Thank you.

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One of my favorite games! Badge please.

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