Final Fantasy II Badge

This is the discussion/completion topic for Final Fantasy II. Please keep any spoilers blurred!


Title: Emperor of Hell

If you’ve completed the game, let us know below and an admin will make sure you get your badge!

Thank you to @WerqKween for the badge!


I played this around 5 months ago I think now and while I had mixed feelings about it I appreciated how unique it felt. For a game this old there’s a surprising number of mechanics that still were relatively new to me. Even if not all of them landed all that well, lol.

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I am requesting this badge as well. What a game.

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This one too, por favor. Gordon worst Final Fantasy character.

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Three years ago I completed a bunch of glorious rpgs on the nes. Starting with FF1 and then FF2. Would like the badge please.

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I would like the badge please.