Filter - Platform Doesn't Work

Just newly joined and found a small issue.
If you are in your library and start with “All” and then go down to filters and type in for example “Playstation 4” and then click “Show Me the Games!” it doesn’t work.

The other filters work (for example genre).

Is this where I can let Grouvee know about the issue?

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I’m in the process of redoing the shelf pages (see here), but that should still theoretically work.

There are 2 different platform filters. The first one is called Platform on shelf which is being renamed to “Owned platforms.” That would filter your shelf by games that you marked what platforms you own the game on. The second platform filter is the All platforms filter. That’s the one you’d want to use to see what games on a given shelf are available on the PS4 platform.

Thanks for all your Hard Work!!
Happy New Year to you.