Feature Request: Playthrough Notes

Is it possible to add a free-form text area to the Date Information pop up? The site allows us to add multiple playthroughs of a game, so I think it would be nice to have a “Notes” field to further describe the playthrough (“Played with my cousin on vacation”, “Only made it half-way through before I gave up”, etc).

As always, thanks for the great site!


I like this idea!
There are a lot of games that I’ve started up multiple times over the years and just never finished for various reasons (school, work, busy in general, not a good time for a JRPG where I need a lot of time and a guide, etc.)
Even if it’s just to put an excuse on why I haven’t finished a game, I think it’s a nice idea just for memory’s sake.


Seconding (or I guess third-ing?) this!

Also, just to avoid creating a new thread for a minor complaint I have, I’ll hijack this for a little bit. I want to add ‘level of completion’ to games without adding date or time played!
I have no clue when I finished ‘Super Mario Galaxy’, nor do I know for how long I played it on my old Wii that’s not in my possession anymore, but I know for sure I 100%'ed that game!!!


I don’t know if there is much I can add to this, but I find this to be a brilliant idea, as I have found myself for instance playing and completing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess multiple times since it’s release and it would be very nice to keep track of it and others if possible.


Somehow I missed this when making my own post. I definitely want this feature! Would allow me to make notes on what kinda character I played as in Dark Souls and what ending and such. And in other games too

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I just noticed this happened. Thank you Peter! I’m excited to use this. :slight_smile:

It is there, although it doesn’t really display anywhere or let you search them yet. I’m working on it! I put it in as part of the new shelf page stuff. Obviously putting the notes in will get saved and everything, so you can start using them, and they’ll just be better when I put in more functionality.


It is everything I was hoping for, so everything else you do is just gravy as far as I am concerned. Thanks again for the work :smiley: