Feature request: dark mode

The main white background is burning my eyes and its actively blocking my enjoyment of using this site and its tools.

Is there any possibility that your webesigner could cook up a CSS file with a few lines of code? Thanks

Hi there! I wish I had a web designer, but It’s actually just me that does the whole site.

There is a dark mode feature, but it’s literally the only feature behind the paywall of Grouvee Gold. Maybe it’s the wrong feature to have behind a paywall, but it’s been that way since I built the Gold feature.


This probably isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but. If you’re looking at Grouvee with a desktop browser, you can search for Dark Mode extensions if you haven’t already. There’s a number of them out there (I use one in Google Chrome).

Here’s what mine looks like if I enable the dark mode extension on Grouvee.com. >

I paid for Grouvee Gold even though I didn’t need the dark mode because I wanted to support what Peter does for this site. :blush:


Reserving a usability feature behind a paywall is like asking a person in a wheelchair to pay if they want to use a ramp. Never seen such a mentaility in twentyfive years as a webdesigner.

The site is free and nobody owes you any features. That’s it.


@MrSpanky What an entitled, overly dramatic reaction that I would love to see you say to someone who is actually disabled. Go find someone in a wheelchair and tell them a free to use site not giving you dark mode for free is the same as them not being able to access public buildings. If you bring a camera and find one person who agrees with you I’ll pay for your Grouvee Gold myself.

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Unrelated, is there a dark mode option for these forums, or just the main site?

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@MrSpanky has a point. Maybe there are other ways to put it, but generally it is not best practice to lock away accessibility options. Accessibility is a serious thing in web design (I say this from the perspective of someone in currently overseeing AODA and accessibility compliance for a university site), and there are a lot of things that the majority of users take for granted. Even free sites need to adhere to accessibility standards, and sometimes not doing so can be the equivalent of blocking a person from access to a physical space. Virtual spaces, and access to them, are not less important than access to physical spaces. This video provides a great perspective on the subject, and is one that our University uses when engaging with internal users learning about accessibility:

If a dark mode does provide improved accessibility and usability for even a tiny percentage of users, it’s worth investigating making that feature itself as widely accessible as possible. This is not to say that @Peter is not entitled to charge for features, but as he said maybe this is the wrong feature to lock behind a subscription.

It should also be noted that dark modes don’t necessarily improve usability and accessibility. Things like contrast play a large factor, and a site with a white background is not necessarily going to fail accessibility tests. But I do think it is a worthwhile thing to consider.

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I would love that so much! I rarely use the forums site because I have light sensitivities in my eyes (I wouldn’t say it’s a disability) and bright white sites hurt until my eyes adjust. I can’t go into Wal-mart because of the lights, and I usually don’t like the shit they sell.

Peter did not intent to make people uncomfortable by hiding the main site dark mode behind a pay wall.

If you use Grouvee long enough, @MrSpanky, you’ll find it’s an amazing community and the Grouvee Gold membership costs are a steal.

It’s the best social media site I’ve ever used, hands down!

That said, @peter get me some dang forum dark mode! I want it now! All joking aside, peter is doing an amazing job as the one man show.

If bright white bothers you in general when using your computer, check out f.lux.

Awesome, I really like it! Thank you! :grinning:

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Glad you like it! It’s purpose is more to lower the brightness with time to mimic the actual sunrise and sunset, but I pretty much have it on candle light at all times to reduce eye strain.

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Thanks for sharing the video btw, bmo! Could always use more education on accessibility.

Added to my watch list for when I have some free time. ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ"