Favourite Youtube Channels?

We are part of a peculiar generation. The television is almost a relic of the past and many young people, myself included, don’t own televisions. In fact I can’t even remember the last time I watched traditional television and I have no desire to. From the occasional samples I’ve endured walking through department stores I can immediately tell that TV has deteriorated to a point where it would be torture to actually attempt to watch it.
Instead at the end of a long day if I wish to relax like a weird slug on the couch, I often choose the Youtube. According to my account I’m apparently subscribed to 370 channels! I was thinking how lucky we are to have such a vast variety of sources to choose from today, to be able to watch a video on almost any topic imaginable. It’s also interesting how most of this content is created by normal, average people, not big TV studios. So I thought I would start this thread so we could perhaps share our favourite content creators. It doesn’t necessarily have to be gaming content, for example I’m subscribed to a lot of science/mathematics channels, art/painting, magic/card tricks, music things, chess, comedy, etc.
So who would like to get the ball rolling??

=== TL;DR - What are your five favourite Youtube channels, and maybe give a short description of why you like them? :blush:

I’ve subscribed to a couple channels, like ExtraCredits, but I don’t really subscribe to many. I mostly search for videos that I’m interested in, but am not that invested in YouTube as a main place to visit for entertainment every day. I watch movie trailers, game trailers, some music videos, some lets plays to learn mechanics for MMO fights and raids, some how-to and DIY videos when needed. I suppose that from time to time I also succumb to the YouTube spiral of watching one video that leads to another and another. But very few things lead me to subscribe to a particular channel. I think my main service for entertainment is Netflix. My partner and I spend a lot of time watching Netflix and Hulu (less so Hulu recently). For me YouTube is a resource for finding a video about something I am interested in or researching, rather than a surrogate channel for daily entertainment. Maybe I’m too old, lol.

Retro Core
Game Sack
Turbo Views
Classic Gaming Quarterly
Happy Console Gamer
Metal Jesus Rocks

Pat Condell
Black Pigeon Speaks
Ryan Dawson

Yeah I can relate to that, honestly I probably spend more time watching films, TV shows and documentaries online (outside of Youtube). But I feel that Youtube is a separate thing, something good to look at if you want a little 10 minute burst, something to watch briefly while having a morning cup of tea. And I’ve discovered that there are some really good channels that put out regular quality content.

  • TYT - The Young Turks. I like listening to the news on the radio and if I want to catch up on the news online I often check the TYT youtube channel. Many of their stories are trash but often it’s informative. I’ve also been sucked in by the entertaining American presidential race recently. Sometimes I look at the David Pakman and Secular Talk channels, who also have news-related things.

  • Ashens - Probably the funniest channel on youtube. It’s a guy who reviews pieces of trashy garbage on his ugly brown sofa. It’s difficult to describe, but it’s quite nerdy. It’s funny and it’s weird and it’s nerdy.

  • Retsupurae - A comedy channel that pokes fun at bad old video games, though they’ve branched out to other areas recently. Their video series about the DOS game Dark Seed is perhaps my favourite thing on all of youtube.

  • Errant Signal - Brilliant channel of game criticism. This guy is like a very clever deep thinker, he analyses games like a film critic or something, digging really deep and taking them apart. His videos are always thought-provoking.

  • Fungo - The best channel on Youtube for From Software-related content, like the lore and mysteries of the Souls and Bloodborne games. Vaatividya also does this quite well.

  • Lazy Game Reviews - The only retro gaming channel on Youtube that actually looks at MS-DOS games! Instead of the millions of channels about NES/SNES/Sega, etc. this channel bypasses the consoles and looks back at all the ancient PC games and hardware. Brilliant.

  • Kikoskia, Quill18, Captnduck, Worth-a-buy, Etalyx - Sometimes I like to put on a Let’s Play video while I’m working, something playing in the background. Most Let’s Players frustrate me: their commentary gives me a headache and their personalities are revolting, so it’s good to have a small selection that I can tolerate. These channels also keep me updated on the new games coming out.

I haven’t heard of most of these, though I have heard of Thunderf00t and Metal Jesus Rocks.
I’m guessing the top half of the list are all retro gaming sites? I quite like watching these kind of videos though in reality there’s not much nostalgia in it for me since I never had a console when I was little. Sometimes I like watching The Game Chasers which is quite enteraining
I also like watching science or math or other channels like that. the Numberphile channel has a lot of great videos about interesting mathematical facts and research. I think I’ve watched Thunderf00t a handful of times and I like his videos, especially his debunking videos of silly pseudoscience and bad kickstarter campaigns.

Noclip - arguably the best gaming content on youtube. A gaming documentary series that looks very professional with flawless production and interesting topics.

TotalBiscuit - great in-depth review that keeps in mind different tastes and different perspective that a consumer might have. He also does opinion pieces on recent gaming news. The Cooptional podcast is also the only gaming podcast i listen to.

Super Bunnyhop - also does great reviews but structured a bit more like a video essay, so it’s a bit more entertaining and interesting

Jim Sterling - thank god for him

Cryaotic - the only let’s play channel i watch beside Funhaus and Jesse Cox

Funhaus - ye

Jesse Cox - yeh

Killian Experience - please just check his channel out

Ahoy - his iconic arms series is amazing

known(lotsa subscribers)
Escapist, 2kliksphilip, NakeyJakey, Errant Signal, Joseph Anderson, The Game Theorists, CrowbCat, Gaming Wildlife, Matthewmatosis
unknown(pls check 'em out they deserve more subs)
Various videos, StaySkeptic, Mr Wendal on Games, TheGamingBritShow, ElderGeek, hbomberguy, Raycevick, Innuendo Studios, Idiotech,

Thanks for reviving this thread! I didn’t see it in the first place.

In no particular order:

RetroGameTech - DIY Retro Repair. I like to check out on occasion to learn about fixing consoles

The Ben Heck Show - More repair videos of consoles. Also came in handy when I was learning about Raspberry Pi’s

Metal Jesus Rocks - He seems to like a few things I do. Video games, vinyl records, metal.

The Game Chasers - IMO they are the MTV Jackass equivalent of video games. I love these guys, they can be annoying, but are very entertaining and I’ve learned much from watching them.

MichaelBtheGameGenie - He might be the nicest guy on Youtube. Another retrogamer. I enjoy his hidden gems and favorites lists.

That’s mostly what I watch on Youtube. As far as cable TV goes, I hate it…SO much. Constant ads, really terrible shows. 6 minutes of actual show then at least 4 minutes of ads, back to 6 minutes of show, then more ads (most of which you already have seen). I can’t stand it.

We have basic cable just to watch sports. Mostly football but that’s only 5 or so months. I flip through the channels and it’s just crap. Sorry to rant so much. I just hate paying a lot for something I don’t like only to see ads constantly.

I also watched a few things on KODI but the interface was not very user friendly. So I removed the program. What I enjoyed (and I believe you can find it online anyway) was DIY Network, Metalvideo, HGTV, and PBS (This Old House, random permaculture shows).


gerneally speaking i dont enjoy watching youtube so much or watching/reading too much about things i havent played. not big into keeping up with stuff in general (grouvee has actually helped me with this more than anything, you guys are the best make a lot of it easy XD)

One channel i kinda like though (but dont really watch regularly) Boogie2908 he belongs in this thread. he is just kinda funny, sometimes annoying in a weird way with some of the political stuf/drama/bs and other things but he really does have decent and diverse tastes and has been around long enough to know a thing or two. It’s fair to say he’s a real veteran, having owned a gaming hobby store, and competed in various games (he loved magic the gathering, lol) he had a really decent video run down of top games of 2016. it’s a good intro to him maybe. Usually he’s a nice channel to come to when ‘something happens’ like a news event about gaming or gamergate crisis or something dumb like that, he’s always got an entertaining francis video in such times XD

Another channel i came across recently was researching nintendo dolphin was this gamester81. he’s a retrogamer fun to watch and learn things from if you care about such things. Always cool to see things demoed and he seems to have access to a lot of oddities. Pretty high quality content.

also for retrogamers good stuff is Gaming History Source and Game Vs Game Typically i just look at hardcoregaming101 though when i am digging through things to find a ‘best version’ (or port) since that website has everything it would seem, including new stuff as well as a similiar games at the bottom. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Schola Gladiatoria is really cool (but a bit dry). i’ve wasted quite a bit of time watching this guy go on and on about various martial weapons, history and lore. he’s basically a college professsor from the UK on medievial armament. sometimes he makes comments about depictions in media, games shows and more (people write him questions about stuff like that) Fun fact about SG: He’s not much into games but he got hooked on Mount and Blade: Warband felt that was one of the few games to depict stuff ‘right’ (havent played it myself, but had to wishlist it after that was mentioned)

Jiseng So is a cool game soundtrack channel. Sometimes if i’m looking for something obscure this guy tends to be the only place i can even find it online. It’s too bad he doesnt have new content or at least more content (most of it is old games) cause he has pretty good ear for cool music, and a lot of it is really good for the systems it came from. (I should look for a channel like this for japanese computers of same era)

This is such a useful thread. I watch a lot of youtube, or maybe I should say “I listen to a lot of youtube”, since I mostly just have it running in the background as I’m doing something else. And now I have a lot of great new suggestions to check out.

Many of my go-to channels have already been mentioned, (e.g. Escapist, Total Biscuit, MetalJesusRocks, ExtraCredits), so I’m only going to list my other favourites:

GaminGHD - Romanian channel (English language, though), that puts out a ton of very varied content, from hardware reviews and tops to “opinion videos”. I don’t always agree with their main commentator (in fact, I rather often don’t) but I do appreciate his thoughtful, almost academic analysis. And his sarcasm. :wink:

Those Video Game Moments - like a fail channel, but for video games.

onaretrotip - smaller British youtuber with interesting “facts” and “list” type of videos. Lots of PC and Sega stuff.

Kinsey Burke - probably better known as a contributor to MetalJesusRocks, but I think her own channel deserves a mention, too. Combines each game review with a beer review, which brings out her bubbly personality even a bit more. :wink:

GameBoyle, GetBant and Massive DMG - great channels for gameboy lovers/collectors, though Massive DMG has been a little quiet recently.

TheDrisk - awesomely detailed gaming history.

Shirley Curry - Grandma playing Skyrim (and sometimes other things). A wonderful feelgood channel for when you need a break from the world.

And lastly, a few channels that have stopped posting new vids, but have a great back catalogue:

Terry Stewart - a collector of classic office computers
Michael’s Retro Game Reviews - well-written and well-produced, well, retro game reviews
Hot Pepper Gaming - eat a pepper and review a game, in that order. :slight_smile:

a few i really like,

Cinemassacre - Angry Video Game Nerd and other content by James Rolfe

Corpse Husband, Darkness Prevails, Be Busta, Lazy Masquerade - All horror story narrators, mostly true horror stories and the like.

Geek Remix - a variety of let’s plays
Marley’s Teatime - plays mainly horror games, there are also cool Japanese drink tasting videos and recordings of cons and events (the RE7 cocktail party, for example)
Accursed Farms - quality, insightful game reviews
radiatoryang - love his Level With Me level design dissections

Seconding Noclip channel, too, their documentaries and interviews are great.

Guess I’m more into the “Special” type of youtube than most of the people here LOL:

loltyler1 - If you’ve heard about this guy, you already know A LOT about him.

Ice Poseidon - A random guy that goes through a bunch of random weird things in real life (Some good, some bad)

PewDiePie (Felix) - Biggest guy on youtube, really common selection. I appreciate him more as a person though.

KP - I used to watch her a lot, sadly I stopped playing League of Legends due to its community (it is basically a league channel)

Hyun’s Dojo - My sort of entertainment when I’m bored.

Identity - It’s the main youtube channel of the game that I’m waiting to be released, always interested to see how and what they are updating.