Favorite Character

I was thinking of this after discussing favorite characters within Dragon Quest 11 S and was curious what the consensus was on others favorite characters from other games and series.

The first to come to mind is Madeline from “Celeste”–probably the realest character I know at this point

From a game, I mean.

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I did like her attitude and way of talking. It felt authentic and what someone would actually say in such a situation, not what a writer thinks would sound cool.

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Very Special Agent Francis York Morgan of the flawless work that is Deadly Premonition holds a special place in my heart. A guy who just might be normal except for no, he isn’t, he just lives his life with such an out-of-this-world mindset and crispy low-budget ps3 smile. The perfect man.
Honorable mention to Tokio Morishima from the Kill The Past series. Also a perfect man.