Fallout: New Vegas


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Title: The Courier

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WHOA. That’s cool! Nice looking. I’m happy the Fallout games are getting badges.

I sooo completed this. I actually spent about 3-4x more time in NV, mostly because the mods really were rolling out over on Nexus for it.


I finished this one too!!


Loved New Vegas, finished everything in this game including all dlc


I was obsessed with it and played every possible end scenario.


Loved it, finished it!


Amazing game I completed couple times, and now I want this badge!


I enjoyed this one more than I did Fallout 3 actually! Finished it twice.


I’ve finished this game several times over. Still haven’t written a review though.


Probably the best Fallout game, with the best DLC (Old World Blues).

Badge please. :slightly_smiling_face: