Fallout 4


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Title: Sole Survivor

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Still need to buy a few dlcs when i have the cash but completed the main game


This game was pretty much my obsession in 2016. As soon as each DLC released (and I do mean the exact moment it released) I was playing it. I spent my entire playthrough dressed up as The Silver Shroud and the only time I didn’t pick to reply with the sarcastic option was when you could speak as the character. I absolutely love that the entire game and the DLC’s catered to you if you chose to do that as well. There was never a main storyline interaction where I couldn’t choose to speak as the Silver Shroud, it was amazing. There were even quite a lot of side quests that did the same.


As with every new Fallout: it’s a must play for me. Would love the badge.


Done here! Wish I could romance Nick.


Finished this game, but still keep picking it back up.


Give me my badge, please!


Disappointed in it as a Fallout game, but had a blast as a goofy shooter.


Played it like crazy when it first came out, and then general business got in the way and I havent gone back. I’d love to start a fresh playthrough soon.


Spent so much time on this. Even with all its flaws it’s still so much fun.

Badge please. :slightly_smiling_face: