Extra Credits Shout out

Hi all,
This is a shout out for one of my favorite YouTube video game channels, Extra Credits. They talk about video game design, the industry, gamers, etc. Also, check out their “Games You Might Not Have Tried” videos for some interesting suggestions for your next play-through. Sorry for the “advertising”, I just really like their show. :slightly_smiling: If you like games and game design I think you might like it too.

P.S. I feel like this recommendation is way behind the power curve. Extra Credits is pretty popular.


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I will definitely check this out. Sounds like something I would like. Have you heard of The Game Chasers on Youtube? Seems different than EC. They go hunting for old school games. Pretty interesting, @Torgo got me into them, unknowingly I presume…thanks pal!

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I’ve been following the Extra Credits crew for a few years now. Definitely worth viewing.

I had somehow never heard of these. They’re really really good. Thanks for the recommendation!

Haha, I think I remember mentioning them. That show is addictive to watch. I salivate when I see all those cool old games. :open_mouth:

It is addictive! I watched 30 episodes already. I just like seeing what treasures they find. This was definitely before the big jumps in prices (at least the first three seasons).