Export CSV parser in C#

I wrote a parser for the CSV data export in C#, along with additional tools to work with the data.

The graph above, a timeline of when I finished games I’ve finished since I started using Grouvee, was generated using data from the parser.

The project is fairly well documented but feel free to throw any questions my way.

If you want to try it and have any issues I’d be happy to get feedback on any issues or mistakes with the parser.

To be clear, this is not really ready to be used by regular (non-programmer) users, and I don’t think I’ll be working to get it there since this is just a tool I created for myself and wanted to share in case anyone found it useful. If anyone wants to fork it and make a GUI or something, please do.

If you like this sort of thing, you might be interested in my other Grouvee related project as well.