Dumlaox Challenge Post 2019


Thanks to summer.azure, Jess, and everyone else for sparking my interest in this challenge. It sounds interesting and gives me a good way to try and diversify my backlog whittling. I’m going to spending too much time trying to come up with options for each category and sub-category so instead of listing out titles for each then promptly ignoring them, I’ll just start filling things in once I beat the game or am sure I’m sticking with a title. Only change I’m making here is that I’ll be coloring in my cell red or green instead of doing a text color change since I find it easier for me to see.

Already got 2 titles here beaten from New Year’s Day. Going to take care of a few things here but I’ll put up posts about them soon.



Group 1 (Classic Genres) - Comedy
Floor Plan (PSVR)

It is an absurd enough game that I feel it belongs in the Comedy category. For those unaware, this is a puzzle game of sorts in VR where you use your elevator to go between floors then grab or use objects you find to solve puzzles. Ultimately, your goal is to get all of the necessary parts for a space suit located at the top floor. It is a very short game, once you can finish in an hour if you get stuck on a few puzzles, but a good VR experience since you don’t need to move around too much.



Group 3 (Title That Contains) - Name of Character/Place
Batman: Arkham VR (PSVR)

It may have been one of the launch titles for the platform but the game still stands as a great showcase title for VR as a whole. Everything from movement for the crime solving feels just right and that moment when you put on the Batsuit then take the elevator ride down to the Batcave can’t be matched. Beat the story mode but not the Riddler Challenges.



Group 7 (Grouvee & Other Databases) - Not Available on Steam
Tetris Effect (PSVR)

Journey mode completed. Yes, this is still Tetris at its core with some of the newer mechanics like Hold and Fast Drop in play and Tetris will never get old. However, that musical journey is absolutely stunning and you’ll want to muck about just to see what kind of melodies you can produce. Event mode will also keep you glued way after beating the campaign and that’s certainly my weekly plan for this. Very highly recommended.


Agreed! Tetris Effect is awesome. I need to get my PSVR back out and get back into it.



Bonus Group 1 (Games by Regions/Language) - China, India
RA.ONE - The Game (PS3)

I was checking out how the latest PS3 emulator (RPCS3) would run on my new rig and I decided to play a game I barely knew of. I knew it was based on an Indian movie but I had no idea how the game played prior to this.

If you want to see an example of a poorly done licensed game, this is it. The fighting was terrible, the camera barely keeps up, the AI is horrid and cheap, level design was too simple, this looked barely as good as the PS2 game it was based on, etc. About the only good thing to come from this is the fact that the game is mercifully short.

Also, it ran decently on my PC so I think I need to do a few more tests with games I own to see if PS3 emulation is getting better :stuck_out_tongue:



Group 8 (Developer/Publisher) - Japanese publisher
Dead or Alive 6 (PS4)

I beat the story mode which isn’t much of an accomplishment since it’s so short. Still…

I’ve always been a fighting game fan even if I was never good at it. Beneath all the fan service, I always felt that this series had the chops to be a serious contender due to it’s depth. This entry continues that tradition but I feel that it just isn’t as strong as DOA5. Levels don’t get crazy in terms of how many levels you can knock someone down and some of these stages are recycled with some features taken away. I’d still recommend someone play it, especially on PC since that’s leagues better than DOA5 there, but don’t expect it to be the pinnacle of the series.



Group 9 (The Wheel of Time) - Sequel or spin-off
Devil May Cry 5 (Xbox One)

Beat this one on normal difficulty. The game isn’t short by any means but I didn’t really notice how long it took me until I looked at the clock and realized that my whole day got eaten away by playing this one. If there was any doubt that Capcom has returned to form, look no further than this title. It delivers action in spades, the gameplay is addicting, the presentation is top notch, and the story is engaging even though it is completely hokey. With this, Resident Evil 2, Mega Man 11, and Monster Hunter World, Capcom is on a very nice winning streak there.



Group 5 (Pile of Shame) - Game from 2018
Coffee Crisis (Nintendo Switch)

I should have liked this more. I grew up with beat-em-ups and seeing one developed with the Genesis in mind then ported over to Switch sounded like it would be right up my alley. Sadly, the finicky combat and steep difficulty ramping along with cheap bosses and lack of combat feedback soured me on the experience with this title and the default setting of turning on modifiers that simply make the screen hard to read didn’t help things, either. Glad I played and beat it but it isn’t something I’ll be coming back to anytime soon.



Group 7 (Grouvee & Other Databases) - Award Winning Indie Game

Main campaign completed. This is a 2 year old indie VR game now based on a 3 year old game but it still holds up as a shining example of how to translate a normal game into a great VR experience. Be warned that you do need a good amount of space to play as you’ll be shifting around and ducking to avoid bullets. Death is a constant thing here and you will sweat but this is a real must have VR game.



Group 4 (Playable Character) - Hollywood Action Hero Archetype
The Slater (PC)

The character of Mark Slater fits this category well. A cop whose father got murdered then decided to go rogue and take out those responsible himself. Too bad this stealth game isn’t any good. Poor AI, lack of variety with mission objectives, a very narrow scope of elimination methods, and a poor presentation all make for a dull stealth game that can easily be finished in an afternoon. A very meh experience on a platform with a plethora of better stealth titles on it.