Dark Theme (Night)

I am not a big fan of blinding white background. It is reminiscent of a Microsoft Word document. Can you add a Dark Theme?

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I just posted a little teaser last night about a new dark theme over here last night: Grouvee Gold Updates

It’s going to be a premium feature (which you’ll get since you’re a Gold member!).

I hope to have it available in the next week or so.

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If you’re a Gold member and want beta access to the Dark Theme mode, leave a note here, and I’ll add you to the beta group. It’s not done, but it’s workable. I want people to see it and tell me what they think before I put a ton of work into something crappy!

@HIMSON, I already added you. Go to your settings page (Log In and track your game collection and backlog with Grouvee) and check the box that says Dark Mode.


Add me please. I love Dark Mods and use them for everything for years. Happy to help wit thhings like this

@GigaDeathNullGolem, you’ve been added. Go to your settings page to enable it. Log In and track your game collection and backlog with Grouvee will take you to the tab that has the setting.

this is nice and just looking around looks just as functional as the main skin. what concerns you have? I can see a few color schemes changes maybe. i like the old blue and not a big fan of the 0044CC on the buttons and i think it looks just as nice on both versions really.various other white backgrounds are fine but could be tweaked maybe. all the grays look perfect IMO.

i dont think there is coder or nerd out there who doesnt go for a dark theme. lol

In any case it was a great idea! :smiley:

and If you wanted to get creative with other aspects. You could add another color in certain spots. (I think the main logo looks nice with the gray background., grouvee gold in certain areas would look nice, like gilt haha)

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It’s in a lot better shape now than it was a couple hours ago. I’ve been tweaking it a lot today. I’m pretty close to where I want it, so I’ll probably just put it out there for all Gold members. I just wanted a couple people to see it and make sure it wasn’t terrible before releasing it.

I think I like the old button colors too. I’ll probably tweak them back later.

I feel right at home with the Dark Theme. Thanks, Peter.

Dark Theme is now available to all Grouvee Gold members!

Leave a note here if you see anything that needs tweaked.

Wow! It really threw me at first when I clicked “dark mode” and everything really did go dark! I really like it though. I think it’s a nice colour combo, the greys with blue and red tabs, and gold. Gold and dark grey just go hand in hand.

Are there any plans to apply this to the forum pages as well?

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Right now I don’t have a good way to detect Gold members on the forums, and then programmatically apply a dark theme. I can set a flag on a member’s profile in order to give them access to a special section of the forums, but I haven’t figured out how to do the theme thing yet. I’ll keep looking though!

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Sign me up for the dark theme please! I will send you a custom book mark…I think I’m getting cabin fever. Lots of snow here in New England.