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Title: Bearer of the Curse

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I must have forgotten to claim this one! I’ve actually finished this twice. Once on PS3, and once on the PC. I’ll probably play the Sins of the Scholars edition here pretty soon too.

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I’ve completed it. I haven’t finished the DLCs (I was actually playing it the other day) but I’ve completed the base game. :slight_smile:

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Completed. I love the Souls-games. For me this one is the worst of them, though. It’s still good, but nowhere near as good as Dark Souls or Demon’s Souls.

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Completed! Was a really big pain in the beginning, but it turned out to be so pleasant and rewarding game later. Though I must admit it was nowhere as good as the first one or Bloodborne. Gosh, I can’t wait to play Dark Souls III.

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Completed, I absolutely love the difficulty of the souls games. Dark Souls 3 comes out in a few months, get hype!

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Finished once (inc. all DLC’s), now going for second run. Great game!

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While I wasn’t crazy about this entry into the Dark Souls series, I’m glad that I stuck with it and played it through to the end.

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Completed this on 360 a few years ago. Have the PS4 version in the backlog.

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Completed! Quite long but still good.

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I would like the badge too. This is easier than other Souls game but it still took me over 90h to complete.

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62 bosses I believe? or something ridiculous like that. A streamer called “Otzdarva” has been trying to do all bosses no-hit playthrough of this for years, no one has ever done it. Absolutely mad. This is actually a really fantastic game. An awful addition to the soulsborne series, but a good game on its own merits.

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Completed the base game last year (Scholar of the First Sin edition). I will play the DLC’s later. But the game is completed according to my definition.
This game was much longer and harder than the first Dark Souls for me. I liked many of the quality of life changes that was made too.

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