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Okay, this might sound really really weird, and please back away in horror, I encourage you.

But I live in the deep dark wilderness of the Australian void of despair and I recently signed up for this local “creative writing workshop”. Apparently I was the only applicant! Lol, so the whole thing was called off.

I was thinking of starting my own. The idea is as follows:

  • We create a team/s (like 5 or 6 people or maybe less, 2 or 3, I don’t know.)
  • Each team member has a week or something (negotiable) to write a short piece of whatever they like. Fiction, non-fiction, fan-fiction, sci fi, horror, twilight fanfic, erotica, poorly-written romance plot, skeleton-themed seinfeld screenplay. Just a short story or something.
  • At the end of the time period, we all share our stories (email to each other) and read each others’ stories
  • Then we meet on Skype (or something similar) and discuss/critique everyone’s work and share our ideas and processes and perhaps collab or ideas for future stories.
  • And then repeat from dot point 1.

My reasons for doing such a thing are totally selfish. I really want to write more but I can never be bothered but a workshop type thing with irritating deadlines would help me (and anyone else who wants to write a story) actually go ahead and write a cool story.

Perhaps I am insane! Let me know if anyone would like to write stories with me. We could even do a halloween theme, like for the first one we could write spooky stories. They don’t have to be long, it could even be flash fiction: 250 words or less. Or poetry! Let me know what you guys think or alternatively (the more reasonable option) chase me toward the clocktower of shame with flaming pitchforks and hurl horse dung at me as I cower in embarrassment and regret. :scream:

Let’s write beautiful Twilight fanfiction together. I’ll be the Bella to your Edward. <3 :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I love writing, so I’d be totally down. I used to write a lot more, can’t even tell you how many full length novels I’ve written. I’m really really bad at short, unless it’s literally just a snippet from a longer story. I always found it easier to write with someone to bounce ideas off of though, helps the writer blocks.

Pretty much every single thing I’ve ever written has been based off a dream I’ve had. Which I’ve jotted down on my phone in the middle of the night to expand on later. It’s taught me my psyche is a frightening place that has plotted the human demise in a great many ways.

But anyway, collabing would be awesome!

Lol, it looks like everyone else has backed away in horror!! Well, it was not unexpected.

I love writing too but I never have the motivation to do it so I thought if there was some sort of group dynamic. At one time I did a creative writing course thing at my university and it was good cuz they forced you to write at least one story/poem every week so it made me actually write things.

Wow, you’re the opposite of me! I want to write a novel, I have so many ideas, but I struggle. I’m not good at making characters, I always go for the Robinson Crusoe characterless narrative haha.

We could collab. I was once part of this collaborative creative writing forum that died cuz no one paid the hosting bills (it was probably in the 90’s) but I got angry cuz people kept taking my cool sci-fi horror stories and injecting romance sub-plots into them hahaha

I have the most INSANE dreams all the time, I write them in my cheesy teenage-style dream journal.
I did write something recently though, I wrote a poem about whales. I don’t usually write poetry though, I don’t like poetry I like writing short stories. :scream:

[Imagine me putting on a beret and quietly pattering on a pair of bongos while some bad whale sound effects play from and old cassette tape player in the background. I clear my throat…]

By night I watch the moon alone
And no one hears my wistful moan
In the darkest depths I glide
With endless dreams the stars my guide

I spy a friend, the metal clothes;
betray an unfamiliar foe
So, deep I fall into the blue
Into the dark my form withdrew

I would love to join up. I have a few short stories done and several active projects and this might encourage me to at least work on them. My main writing computer hasn’t been moved to my new house yet though, so I don’t know when I can actually get back to work. I can still help proofread though. I love doing that.

You could write on ye olde fashioned paper (or quill and ink stand) and then just take a photo of it for us to read! That would be awesome, it would have an authentic feel.
Hang on a minute… how are you even typing this now!!
I wish my typewriter wasn’t broken, otherwise I’d do all mine on typewriter and then scan them. :fax:

I have a desktop and two laptops, but only the desktop has my best writing programs on it…I could use a flash drive and write in MS Word for a while though.

Anything works. I often write big stories in notepad cuz it’s so easy and quick.
Actually, my favourite thing of all time to write with is “Writer” for Chrome. Do you use chrome? Just go to Chrome Web Store and type in “Writer” it should be the first thing that comes up. It’s so simple and brilliant. No buttons or crap, no distractions. I think it works offline too, and autosaves to google drive and stuff,
also you can change it so it’s background to black to reduce eye strain. Awesome chrome app!

edit: yup it’s called “Writer: The Internet Typewriter”. My favourite writing software ever. So easy and streamline and seamless. Look in the chrome apps, it’s free and amazing

Awesome idea @Torgo! I used to write a lot. Sci-fi flash fiction, some poetry like epics and sonnets. Tried to write a book on several occasions but I just run out of ideas and I don’t know where the story goes. My first real job out of college I started a writing club with co-workers. It lasted almost a year. We called it sci-fi Tuesday. We’d exchange 1 page stories. Some would have different parts. My blog has most of my stories:

I would love to get back into writing. I’ve written stories based on dreams before. Check out my blog and see if you like any. Maybe I’ll expand on a few. I really like cyberpunk if someone has some cool ideas.

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[quote=“8bithero, post:8, topic:657”]
Awesome idea[/quote]
That’s cool! There’s not enough storytelling in our culture today any more. I mean, there’s loads of storytelling in terms of media, youtube, TV film,etc. But I mean storytelling person-to-person. That’s how the cavemen did it, you sit around the fire and you think up cool stories. That’s what we need to reignite. That’s so cool you had that little group, that’s the kind of thing I want to do! I had a peep at your blog, I love your story “Black Holes” flash fiction is cool. My favourite flash fiction story of all time is by Hugh Cook (New Zealand obscure author who wrote the greatest series of books I have ever read, the Chronicles of an Age of Darkness) I will post his flash fiction story below, it’s amazing!
I’ve acquired some hosting and a domain and I think I’m going to start a little writing circle. I’ve found some other friends in Australia who want to take part (online) someone suggested we call it “The Guild of Scholars”. We might have to split into 2 groups or something if there’s too many people. But the idea is that the group meets on Skype once a week (or once a fortnight) and share or discuss the stories. But the rules/ideas/concept is very flexible. I just want to write, read,share and collaborate in writing with people. :]

Anyway, this is off-topic, but still, I present to you my favourite flash fiction story of all time, Hugh Cook’s: The Doom of the Asterisks

[quote=“Hugh Cook: The Doom of the Asterisks”]
After only ten days on planet Earth, the quasi-immortal Edrinavinski were in a very bad mood. Nuking them had been not just militarily ineffective but also, apparently, bad manners.
“We are leaving,” they said wrathfully. "And you - you will suffer the doom of the asterisks."
They left, and humanity waited to be engulfed by an avalanche of asterisks, the doom which the Edrinavinski nanotechs were already constructing.
But nothing happened.
Ten years later, a repairer of antique watches by the name of Julius Spruce found the first of them inside a watch case. The asterisk was gray, metallic, insoluble - virtually indestructible. Over the next two decades, a dozen more were found. Mathematicians charted the figures.
“At this rate,” the world president announced, "the planet will be entirely covered with asterisks in no more than two and a half thousand million years."
The Edrinavinski believed that revenge is a dish best eaten very cold indeed.

The End.[/quote]

Nice story.
I’ve read short story collections by William Gibson, Ray Bradbury, Ursula K. LeGuin among others. My black hole story was inspired by a Bradbury short that I liked a lot. I wrote five or so pages of a Game of Thrones meets Julio-Claudian dynasty inspired story. I really want to go back to it and maybe turn it into a twenty pager. I just need to keep writing, get the ideas out. The problem is I dabble in a lot of stuff. Art, music, video games (obviously), comics, novels, hiking, anime. Lots of typical nerd interests. It’s not necessarily a problem, but I can’t seem to focus on one thing for very long. I just want to finish a big project. This group will be good because most writers have help from a lot of people.

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You have just summed up my exact same issue. I am focussed on too many things all at once. I play games, I do drawing and oil painting ( ), game design (play my game!!! :blush: ~ MEGA ), music (was in a slightly succesful band but now solo), playing guitar/piano and composing/singing, web design ( lol), WRITING!, unicycling, juggling, card magic, huge amounts of readings, obsession with mathematics (constant study of number theory, topology and real analysis in particular), astronomy/astrophysics, collecting videos(VHS)/books/strange artifacts & gnomes. And on TOP of all that I’m in the middle of an accelerated university degree, so I’m studying too, a 3-year course condensed down into 1 year, totally unrelated to any of the aforementioned interests/obsessions. My life is a MESS and there’s not enough time for anything.
I’ve been buying whiteboards and diarys and calendars and attempting to figure out a way to actualy slot everything together. It’s a beautiful nightmare.

so, moving right along…

At this point nothing is set in stone regarding groups or timelines or the way that any of it will work. But the idea is about writing short stories and sharing them. I want to get an idea of who would like to be an official member of the ‘Guild of Scribes’ and I will add your name to my under construction ‘Guild of Scribes’ website.

Please let me know if you would like to be known (on the website) by any pseudonym or else I can use your real name, or your grouvee username or any name you desire. I have a bunch of Australian weirdos who are also joining the Guild of Scribes, they all seem like cool people. I estimate about 6 or 7 from Australia. If you three join, that will make around 10 members to the guild, which I think will mean we’ll have to split into 2 smaller groups.

EDIT: The stories can also be published to the Guild website (encouraged, but optional), if you wish, under your name, pseudonym, or anonymously. Alternatively I can upload an encrypted version of your story to the guild website so that only you (or you and whomever you desire) can read it.

Its a double edged sword. I like having a lot going on but I never really can master/finish anything to my high standards. The good thing is diverse people are interesting and have a lot to talk about and show people.

I would prefer using my grouvee s/n for the group. Most of my stories will probably be one page. If I dedicate some time to it, maybe I’ll crank out two. I’ve also joined a local art group so things might get tight. My band probably won’t have any more gigs this year, so it could be a 1 for 1 for this group.

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It’s fine, we’re still ironing out the details. Each person will be different I think. It’s all about sharing and writing. If you have a busy week/fortnight (depending on how we do this) then you can just write a haiku! Or even just a 100 word quarter-page flash fiction like the Hugh Cook thing I posted above. Alternatively, if you have more time and get into the flow with it, you can submit a 30 page novella, lol, although the other group members might not have the time to read it! Cuz that’s the idea: you read up everyone’s submission beforehand, and then hop online to discuss. Great then! Welcome to the Guild of Scribes. :mega: :two_men_holding_hands:

I’ll join. Use the pseudonym Karla Dia. I’ll probably submit older stories and flash fiction until my life calms down a little bit.

That’s fine. It’ll be a while before this thing kicks off cuz my life is a bit hectic right now too.

For anyone else who’s interested, I’ve got a website going now:
The alpha of my adventure game is on there too, I plan to put a bunch of stuff there. :alien:

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@Jess , @8bithero, @KaruraDiamatis ~

Guild of Scribes Announcement:
-Deadline for submissions: November 30th.
-Get your quill sharpened and your ink bottles refilled, it is time to commence. November 30th is the final date for creative writing submissions.
-Check the website as more instructions (such as how to submit) will be announced.
-This will be the first round, kind of like a trial/experiment, so brace yourselves for confusion and delight.
-If you’re struggling to come up with writing ideas, don’t worry: a resources page will be added to the website in the coming days to assist.
-Check for future updates.
-Good luck and enjoy the limitless expanse of your imagination!
-Final note: Feel free to contact me here or via the Guild Website (link above) if you want missed out and still want to join.

My story is almost done. @Torgo, should I email it to you?

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