Baldur's Gate 3 Multiplayer Session Planning

Because a few people said they were potentially interested in some casual BG3 multiplayer sessions, I thought I’d get a thread started so that people can express their interest. There’s no rush, or real timeline to this, I just wanted to lay some groundwork. This may let us gauge how much interest there is, and if we are going to only have a single group, or if we’ll have enough interest to create a few groups that can gather based on time zone, etc. This can also be a place for BG3 discussion for those interested in getting a group together. Thus people can feel free to share anything they think is relevant to multiplayer runs (e.g. class/sub-class, interest in role playing, ect., system platform, time zone). If you are interested in future BG3 multiplayer sessions and potentially joining a casual group, feel free to jump in the thread below.

Tagging @Nelemania and @El_Diegote because the two of you expressed interest in getting a group together at some point in the future.

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To kick things off I’ll share some details:

Time zone: UTC -5 (EDT)
Classes/Subclasses interested in playing: Circle of the Moon Druid, College of Valor Bard, Disciple of Light Cleric (open to Life, but pure healing has limited utility). I’m a big fan of hybrid utility classes that can DPS, heal and buff/debuff, so am generally open to playing around with those skill pools.
Interest in Roleplaying: Flexible.
Platform: PC or PS5
Frequency of group sessions: Flexible but casual.

A raven flutters into the chat, opens its beak and caws “Nevermore, nevermore”, then shakes its head in annoyance - “wrong text” … “I meant Nelemania, Nelemania got the message”. There is a little note tied to one foot that says:

Time zone: MESZ: UTC+2 soon MESZ: UTC+1 Time zones are like my kryptonite. When I try to find out what these words and numbers mean, my brain starts to melt, so someone else will have to sort it out for me. I would be happy if it’s not in the midst of the night, since I don’t live alone and need to be silent then and I want to be able to laugh out loud or swear when things don’t work. :smiley:
Classes/Subclasses interested in playing: Preferable a ranger with a pet that can fight, but everything that’s not mainly melee focused is fine.
Interest in Roleplaying: Flexible. If yes then on the light side of it, not deep psychological drama. I am not a min-maxer, I always roleplay a bit and take lesser traits or abilities if they fit the character better.
Platform: PC, buying it on GOG if that makes a difference, contemplating if I try Geforce Now with it if it works with Multiplayer, but that’s not necessary, more me wanting to check GFN out before deciding where to go with my PC.


I hereby accept the divine (ping) calling and thus my fate.

Timezone: Currently, +1. Depending on how far in the future this takes place (say, 6 months or more), it could be -5 or +2, or anything else, really, although I don’t want to move to Australia but if there are good opportunities, so be it.
Classes I would like to play: My TTRPG character is a circle of the moon druid so I am somewhat familiar (or should, at the very least) with them. Haven’t gone through all of the classes but would be interested in a charisma based one or some sort of summoner (there were necromancers [pale dancers] in NWN so I figure there should be something similar here as well). I have always been drawn to rangers/rogues as well. Not melee focussed would be a good general description.
Interest in roleplaying: probably will depend on how the group dynamic flows.
Platform: Steam Deck. I imagine that’s Steam but I don’t even have a system that could run the game so I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.
Frequency of sessions: I guess it will depend on how extenuating the sessions are and how invested we all are with the whole roleplaying component but I’d say probably once a week/ a couple times per month could do good? Casual though, definitely.


How are you finding GeForce Now and Starfield. Do you feel the service is reliable enough for multiplayer?

For now I have not had any problems with the service at all, besides it forcing me to log in with Edge and not Firefox.:crazy_face: I could see it work with multiplayer just fine, but I haven’t tried that, maybe I could jump into a Battlefield game next for a test.

The only problem I see is, that I will have to buy BG3 with Steam instead of a DRM free version if I use it with GFN and I am not too happy about that. I do fullfill the minimum specs for BG3 on my system though, the question is, will it be harder on my system if it is multiplayer and maybe too hard then, because it has to do other characters too, but then that’s more on the internet than the GPU? Also it is a beautiful game and I will lose out on a lot of that look, but then in a multiplayer game that’s not the main thing.

Multiplayer between Steam and GOG should work, says google, but all on steam would probably still be easier and more reliable.

I have not made up my mind yet about this. What do you think, having played it on multiple platforms so far?

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I think the only CPU/GPU hit is when you are playing local split-screen. I presume that online multiplayer is not much more resource intensive than local single-player.

I’ve been able to play the game on my Steam Deck and it still looks good. And that includes playing on my TV (albeit at 720p).

My understanding is that as long as the version number is the same, you can play with anyone on PC, regardless of store. Cross play multiplayer just doesn’t work with PS5.

I’m limited by the fact that I’ve only played on Steam, and haven’t actually tried multiplayer, so I can’t say anything for certain. One thing is that as a turn based game, lag shouldn’t be a big concern. But I don’t want to advise you to buy something and that paints you into a corner, whether because of hardware or the streaming service options.

Update on me: While I got the steam deck, I haven’t even had time to boot it the first time.


On that subject, I know you asked about loading the game from the microSD. After finishing the game I moved it to my microSD because there’s more room there and I wanted to test if there was a noticeable difference in load times. So far, I’d say no.


Amazing cause I depleted my funds to make impulsive purchases (like an expansion on the SSD department) until probably 2039

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Were you thinking of replacing the SSD? I’ve thought about doing it but I honestly doubt it’s worth doing. It’s not particularly hard, it’s just not necessary.

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Not at all but if the game ran like shit on a SD card, I would have probably forced myself into thinking it was an absolute need.


So, I had a long and heated discussion with myself and a nice discussion with my friend and decided to go with the Steam version for Baldur’s Gate 3, because friend and I definitely decided to stay with GFN for the next 6 months and have directly made the purchase. We could even see us go another 6 months after that if our PCs keep working. So I go for beautiful graphics instead of DRM free. I am very sure, now that I have bought the game Larian will allow BG3-GOG onto GFN soon too, but that’s how the world works.

This also settles my second game for this year and now I don’t have to think about that question anymore.

All in all this means I am good to go now for multiplayer. :hugs:

Only question left now: Is it ok when I go into the game blind or is it necessary to play solo before we jump into it together? It might be more fun for @BMO to watch us other two giggling and being amazed and surprised by everything, but we also might need a bit to get used to the controls which takes, at least for me, some time in every game and would slow us a bit down in the beginning.

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I’m in no rush, so take your time and do what you think best suits you. I know you’re playing Starfield so don’t feel rushed into BG3. If you want time to play solo to familiarize yourself with the game, go for it.

If it is only up to me, I prefer to go in blind then.

Starfield will be something I play minimum for the next 12 months I guess. The game is slow and even slower because I take it extra slow and just “be” in it and I steel everything from everyone, because I can. I think it took me 3 years to meet the final boss in Skyrim and to create a mountain of stolen cheese wheels. :crazy_face:

Cyberpunk will probably grab me for a bit when 2.0 is out tomorrow, but that’s similar in that I prefer to take it slow and I do not see me finishing it anyway close to what the internet says is the playtime. Last time I tried the game, I was taking screenshots more than I played the game.

What I wanted to say: We can start whenever it fits you both, waiting for me to finish these two games makes no sense and I will not touch BG3 until then, but I did make a Larian acount and started it on GFN once just to make sure it will run on “omg these graphics” and not stutter.

Also life is good and I am really happy right now. Looking forward to meet you both ingame!

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I envision this as a slow playthrough anyway because we are just going to do it casually, and I don’t mind if it takes time. I also don’t mind if you go in without any foreknowledge of the game. I’ll do my best to try to play like I’m experiencing this for the first time because I don’t want to direct us down any one specific path.

Let’s give @El_Diegote time to sort out the Steam Deck. I also want to see if we can get a fourth.

Is your main preference to play a Ranger? I’m going to see what everyone is playing before I pick my class just in case I can fill in any gaps that I foresee. I might, surprisingly, go melee which is rare for me but I think it might be a good choice for the group.

It would be, yes, but I can keep that one for a solo playthrough if it doesn’t fit the group. I am just bad at melee characters and standing away from the big guys is something I prefer and I love having something/-one to summon or call to fight for me. There might be other classes that can do that, I have not looked into it. Healing is also fine or support, it does not have to be a damage dealing class.

I think people should play whatever they want, so don’t worry about that. If we end up a party of all rangers or all wizards, so be it, lol.

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@Nelemania, @El_Diegote I’m curious, how much do both of you want to play without my informed input? Given I know things like where the good loot is, how to find secrets, etc., etc., how much do you want me to keep that to myself, and how much do you want me to reveal? Example: if we are approaching something and I know a sweet little secret is around the corner, should I share that knowledge or try to let things happen organically (as much as I can)?