Badge Requests


I’d like to see Metal Gear Solid V badge with title “Diamond Dog”. Metal Gear Rising is good too. Nanomachines, son.


Sorry to say, mate but I think they are done making badges as far as I know. I designed one myself and sent it in and no response since. I sent in July, I think, it’s been so long now.


Horizon Zero Dawn!

My favorite game for the 2017.


Resident Evil 1, 2 or Nemesis would be fun!


Dragon Quest Heroes I and II please!

(Really all the Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest games)


Yikes! That is a lot but I’ll get on it. I agree that a Dragon Quest badge is much needed.


I would love it if there were badges for Horizon: Zero Dawn, the Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts, Ni no Kuni and RiMe! RiMe is such a masterpiece :heart_eyes:


Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts are a must! I will get on it!


the new God of war would be great!


Darkest Dungeon, Vampyr, Friday the 13th: The Game, Dark Souls, Nioh


Dark Souls has a badge. Dark Souls 3 and Demon’s Souls tho…


I would really love to see badges for the Halo series.


Here’s what I think should’ve been exist by now.

Batman Arkham series
What Remains of Edith Finch
BioShock series
Metal Gear series
Call of Duty series
Battlefield series
Portal series
Crysis series
Tomb Raider series
Splinter Cell series
Final Fantasy series
Shadow Complex
Prince of Persia series
The Last Remnant
Mirror’s Edge
Dead Space series
Dark Sector
Gears of War series
Half Life series
Front Mission series
Kingdom Hearts series
Halo series
Breath of Fire series
Dino Crisis series
The Legend of Zelda series
Souls series
Super Mario series
God of War series

Thank you!


Horizon Zero Dawn
Spider-Man PS4
All Dishonored Games
I’d really like to see these get badges, all excellent titles.


Rime is fantastic, I would absolutely love to see it get a badge.


There should be a badge for completing 50%, 75% and 100% of your backlog


The Geneforge saga deserves a badge. So does Arcanum.
:woman_artist: Would they inspire you?


Metro Exodus


Metal gear solid 3 please