Adding Games - Should I Wait?

So I’ve decided to start bringing my game library over to Grouvee because yay Grouvee. I just finished adding my small PSP collection, only 26 games, and it was… unpleasant. Browsing and searching for games is tedious, then there’s the extra step of going BACK in to assign platforms to all of them. So, my questions are these:

  1. Am I an idiot? Is there an easier way I’m just missing? Can I import a CSV? That would be rad…
  2. Is the process changing soon? I know Peter’s working on a new shelving system, should I just hold off until that goes live because it’ll make the process easier?
  3. Is this just how it is? I mean if it is what it is then it is what it is, but I have another 700 games on my actual shelf that need to go on my Grouvee shelf. Just need to know if this is what I need to prepare my body for.


I added my 2500ish Steam games one at a time before there was an import feature. XD I’m weird though and enjoy that stuff.

I can’t really speak for Peter, but as with the Steam import feature, surely it wouldn’t be a huge leap to making that an imported CSV that ends up with the same results as the steam import? Basically it would add the games it can match, then ask you to match some it isn’t sure about, and then an option (for curators) to make a new game page.

Or by saying that I could have Peter face palming. :laughing:

@Westane, email me at I’ll see if I can’t help you out with a CSV import. The big thing I’m working on changing is mass platform editing, but I was kind of hoping that adding games was generally pretty easy.

Hey Peter, I appreciate it but it turned out to be a slow Friday and I got through most of it on my own.

Mostly I just didn’t want to get through it all then realize there was an easier way! It’s not necessarily that I don’t think it’s easy, just that it’s not particularly streamlined. An example of a site I actually believe handles the process incredibly well is GameFAQs, I also think their database is a bit better.

Some things that I’d like to see here eventually regarding collections are…

  • Defaulting a platform when there’s only one platform available.
  • Allowing platform selection (Dropdown?) when adding a game to a shelf.
  • Ability to filter collection comparisons to only games you have in common.
  • Region filters on game searching.

I know there’s a lot of things in the pipe, so please don’t misinterpret these as complaints. You should see the databases I manage for just my site, I’m kind of a nut about these things XD

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WOW, I thought I was a Steam addict! Those are some impressive stats Jess. So many sacrifices to Lord Gaben. Don’t be ashamed, I too have hurled my wallet at the steam store with such force that at times my poor cat has been on the “supermarket variety” food, much to his disapproval.

I just manually added all my GOG games across.
Although I have this gigantic tub of hundreds of dusty N64 and Sega Genesis games glaring at me in the corner of the lounge, just begging to be added to my Grouvee library. Lol, @peter, can you make a phone app that will do some sort of Star Trek 3D laser lifeform scan on my dusty tub to upload all the cartridge titles to my grouvee shelves? :grin:

Hah, my cats rule the roost, they’re on super premium cat food (it even has bits of real meat in it) and use the World’s Best Cat Liter (yep, it’s even called that!). If there’s one thing I spoil more then my steam library, it’s my cats. :laughing: If I didn’t have cats, I’d probably have hit the 6k steam games mark by now!

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Oh wow, I have even more respect for you, a fellow crazy cat lady/man on grouvee! :smile_cat:
My cat has saved my life multiple times, he seriously keeps me alive. In the desolate wastes of the Australian wilderness he’s such a cool dude. I recently had a windfall and went straight to my local fancy pet store and got him the finest on offer “Hill’s Science Diet”. $60 for a bag of the stuff! But seriously it makes him so healthy and his coat is so soft and fluffy and shiny so it’s worth every cent. I actually make him up a weird mixture of 3 different varieties of cat food all mixed together with scientific accuracy for all the right vitamens and minerals and anti-hairball stuff, plus a couple little fancy treats to keep him happy. He’s the best, he’s called Garfield. :joy_cat:

EDIT: @Jess have you been to the disappointment calculator: It actually also tells you how many of the games you’ve actually played. Do you think you’ve played all of your 2500 games? You don’t have to tell me he result, I’m intrigued though, if you’ve played even half of them I’d be so incredibly impressed! I think I’ve only played about half of the ones I’ve bought. As for “completed”, gosh, that would be probably more like the 5% range.

It’s my life’s ambition to be a crazy old cat lady! :laughing: This is quickly going to become a cat appreciation thread. My cats too have definitely saved my life, they’re always there for me, whether things are good or bad. Since you put up a pic, I feel invited to show off my babies as well…

Got Zeke, my mamma’s boy. He’s never more than a foot away from me and mostly just insists on being carried everywhere…

Bonus Vine! Vine

Nami, my three legged kitty…

Bonus Vine! Vine

And my little Andy girl…

Bonus Vine! Vine

They used to be on Hill’s, until I figured out Andy is allergic to grain, so onto a grain free diet for them! I picked Natural Balance, which came in a ton of different flavors. I didn’t know which one to pick at the time, so I just got a bag of each and lined up a wall with bowls to see which ones they liked most. Of course Nami would just go down the line eating a mouth full of each. Eventually there was a winner though, haha.

Anyway, yep, I’ve been to the calculator before. To add to the disappointment, it was 2500 around when I joined, sitting at over 3500 now. :laughing: I most definitely haven’t played them all, the calculator has me sitting at a 54% not played, but it’s not quite right since I’ve idled the games that had cards. Selling those cards pays for the steam sale shopping sprees.

Zeke, what a beautiful son you have! I love black kitties, when I was growing up I had this wonderful kitty called Ollie. Black cats always have great personality. Is he going crazy for catnip? It’s so strange, I’ve never been able to get any cats to like it, I think it’s only 30% or something. Garfield doesn’t care about catnip, it’s like presenting him with broccoli, he’s like “eww, what is this crap?”"
It’s so sad though, in the pound people are superstitious and nobody takes them home!! So if you ever go to the cat shelter to add to your crazy cat lady collection think about getting a black one. I saved Garfield from the pound when he was 5 year old. Now he’s getting much older but he’s still pretty healthy and spritely!

Here’s a picture of ollie (who sadly passed away a couple years ago) he was looking after me after I hurt my arm. Cats are so clever, they definitely know when you’re sad or when something’s wrong. If I’m sick or if I’m depressed Garfield knows instantly and he comes to try and cheer me up!

Nami is gorgeous, did you save him/her from the cat sheltner? Cats are so clever, they do fine with 3 legs. Poor baby though. I’ve never had a long-haired cat, you gotta do so much brushing! My friend has a persian, she gets a haircut every summer and looks so silly.

Your cats are really good with the camera! Garfield his naughty, always turns his back I think he’s camera shy. Garfy was getting a bit old and tired but when I switched him to Hills his coat went nice and shiny and fluffy again and he was like a brand new cat! Their diet is so important. I think (like humans) variety is important. So I always mix and match and add little things here and there to keep his mix interesting and make sure he gets all his kitty vitamens and things. Hey if you ever want to try Hills again, they definitely have a grain-free range, I was going to get that for Garfield but then I think I ended up getting the senoirs grandpa-kitty food for the extra minerals and things. He’s like 15 or something but he’s in very good health. If he ever dies I think I would die too of a broken heart. :frowning:

Lol yeah I only just discovered the card thing recently. It’s crazy that people actually buy these things I don’t get it. I just yeah, pop em all on the market and eventually you’ll have enough in the steam wallet to get a cheap indie game or a decent saving.

Are we… Are we doing this? Because… OKAY!

This is Yomi, my cat who used to be my wife’s cat before she left for a week and well, one thing led to another… We rescued her from a bad household, she was the only of her siblings to survive. She likes to sleep under the covers with me when it’s cold.

This is Neko, my wife’s new cat. Total moma’s boy. Doesn’t want anything to do with me unless he wants belly rubs and I’m literally the only options. Huge cat but acts like a total baby. Sleeps most of the day unless he eating or tormenting the other cats. Found him as a tiny kitten on an abandoned mobile home lot.

This is Nibblet. Nibblet is weird. She gives hugs, loves snuggles, wags her tail when she’s happy, wants pets all the time… barks… She’s everyone’s cat and is a little tweaky. She’ll dart off if the wind blows, or if you breathe too hard, or look at her funny, or blink… She was a interesting story. Before we had the kids my wife and I lived in a two room apartment. I was in the office while she was in the bedroom, it was in the middle of a heavy winter. I heard her yelling for me and opening the window, then I heard the mewing. The snow had piled all the way up to our window and my wife was dragging in this poor broken kitten. Leg was completely broken, like only attached by skin and fur. She was clinging to us, crying, licking. We gave her some food, cleaned her up and eventually her leg healed up on it’s own!

Then there was Althena, but everyone called her Kitty. She was also a family cat and literally the best cat in the world. Took care of our kids, never got angry or scratched, always wanted lap time. Just the coolest. She was also massive. We got her from a shelter a few years ago. Just recently she just stopped eating and withered away…

Yay crazy cat people!

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The adoption rate for black cats is abysmal. They have everything working against them. They’re less memorable than other cats, without the stripes or calico patches, they just blend in with one another in someone’s mind. They’re hard to see, in those little, dark, cages, so they’re not as noticable. Almost every time someone’s going to pick the ‘colorful’ cat. If I ever visited a shelter to adopt, I’d definitely pick a black cat. Probably multiples. I’d want to take them all home. :laughing: So far all of my cats have picked me and now that everyone else has told stories, I’ll tell mine!

So Nami was first, actually her name is Namárië, but everyone just calls her Nami. She was brought into the animal clinic I worked at by her owners when she was 3 months old (and named Missy at the time). They had taken her over to a friend’s house with a huge dog and thought it would be fun to let them play together. The dog had picked her up and tossed her across the room, shattering her front leg. When they were told that, they said to just put her down, they’d get another cat. So I took her, had the amputation done, and took her home. That was in 2002, she’s 13 now.

A year later, Andy (and again, just a nick name, her real one is Anduin) was brought into the same clinic by a police officer who had spied her by the side of the road in the freezing rain. She was about 3 weeks old and she had hypothermia and actually died for 2 minutes before we managed to get her back. The side effect of that seems to be her short term memory is pretty awful, but it could have been much worse. Took her home for the night to keep an eye on her and just ended up keeping her. Bottle fed her every 2 hours for the first month, then spent the next year with a very sickly kitty. But obviously it all worked out!

Then it was a lot of years before Zeke. His tale begins on Christmas morning. I’ve been told I have Snow White Syndrome, I acutally feed all the wildlife in my yard. So like every other day, I headed out in the morning to put out stuff for the squirrels, bunnies, birds, etc. Much to my surprise, out the back door was a little black cat, who promptly jumped into my arms and held on tight. It’s the way he still insists on being carried around actually. At the time I’d thought he was under a year old, because he was so skinny, but he was just really malnuroushed. We estimated he was 3 or 4. He’s got one cauliflowered ear, either from an ear infection or animal bite. I’m pretty sure whoever his previous owners were abused him, it took him a long time to be okay with being petted and played with. He still doesn’t like anyone but me, but I guess he picked me the moment I walked out my back door. :laughing:

I love all my cats, but someone told me something once; They said if you’re lucky you’ll find one animal in your lifetime that’s basically your ‘other half’, one that always understands what you’re thinking and vice versa. And for me that’s Zeke. He’s overly clingy, but I’m clingy right back. If he wants me to hug him for hours, I’m more than okay with that. He drools buckets, but I’m okay with that too. He’s not like Nami or Andy, he doesn’t care where we go, as long as he’s with me, he’s happy. Even if that’s to the Vet. :laughing: But I literally have no idea what I’d do without him. I had a dream once I had to put him to sleep, and in the dream I just sat at the Vet, realizing I had no reason to get up and go home.

Anyway! My cats all love catnip, but in different ways. Zeke goes bonkers for it, gets it all over himself and then all over everything else. Andy and Nami just like to eat it and take a nap afterwards. Zeke makes a face and spits it out if he gets any in his mouth.

I could probably fill a book just talking about my cats, you guys have opened a can of worms!

This is definitely the cat appreciation thread now, with an emphasis on black cats. :laughing: I love orange tabbies, they always seem to be little trouble makers. Garfield is such a cutie, I just want to squeeze him and moosh my face into him.

I’m so glad you have cats, Westane! I kept thinking you’d get all of these alerts in your inbox about replies to your thread about importing games with a bunch of cat pic spam and be all ‘what is this?!’ :laughing: Nibblet is gorgeous tortie, I love the orange splotches on torties. I especially love finding those little spots of white they’ll have hidden around. And two black cats!

So sorry about Ollie, Torgo, and Althena, Westane. I haven’t had to lose any of my kitties yet, but I never want to. =(

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Tortie… You just blew my mine. We always thought Nibs was some kind of mix of about four different cats and a coyote! Good to finally know the actual breed lol!

If we’re talking about fancy cat food, might I suggest ACANA Cat Foods | ACANA Pet Foods ?

I don’t have cats - too allergic - but I have dogs. I used to feed them Hill’s Science Diet because it was the least offensive of the big box brands. When I adopted my newest dog I switched them to Acana and the difference was almost immediate. Better appetites, better poops, better coats, better skin, better all-around health. Weepy eyes, gone. Bad breath, (mostly) gone. My one regret was that I waited so long to switch to a premium food. It’s pricey, yes, but I feed them so much less. I love Acana. It changed our lives.

PS. The producer - Champion Pet Foods - is the only pet food company that has -never- had a recall.

I hate to sound like an advertisement, but my god, you guys, you can’t imagine the difference. I feel guilty about feeding my dogs Hill’s all those years.

(Also, my dogs are grain-free too, now! Once you do the research it’s absurd how much pet food is nothing but garbage grains. Like, corn, wheat, and rice were never part of a cat’s diet. They’re carnivores. So why are we making cat food out of it? Same with dogs (who are more omnivorous but definitely can’t get nutritional value out of bread-carbs).)

I love black cats, their faces are so silly, especially in the dark! Sometimes you can just see their little eyes. At the moment I’m renting so I don’t want to built a gigantic crazy cat collection in case I have to move into a sharehouse at any point. It’s pretty tough to apply for a sharehouse even with one kitty, but if you have a whole gang of them then it’s impossible! Hopefully I won’t have to ever go live in a sharehouse again I’d like to buy my own place some day and then I can start collecting hundreds of cats lol. I want to get a black cat, but I also really want to get a Scottish fold, they’re so adorable with their silly foldy ears they look like seals! Of course I would only save them from shelters, so it’ll be hard to find a foldy in a cat shelter, but I’ve seen them sometimes. My friend got a British Blue fron a shelter and he was the most wonderful cat (RIP). After he passed away (he was very old and died in his sleep) I did this beautiful oil painting of him! I can’t find a photo of it but I’ll post it if I can find it. I’m thinking I might start doing more pet portraits, maybe that can be my future career.

Oh my god that’s so horrible! Poor kitty, I’m glad she’s in good hands now. Sometimes I hear on the radio how people do nasty things to cats, seriously it makes me so upset. That’s why if you ever have kittens they say never ever do a “free to a good home” notice because there are sickos out there who want to torture them. :frowning:

Wow you’re like a saviour of kitties! So do you work as a vet or at a shelter or something? It must be so hard, I couldn’t bear it to see cats that have been mistreated, I get along with cats better than I get along with people. It makes me so sad when I see neglected street cats. People need to get their cats spayed! That’s the problem, people have a bunch of kittens and then just abandon them somewhere. Other times I’ve seen people move house and they just leave their cat behind, it breaks my heart. :frowning: Kitties are our friends! If I won the lottery I would open a big cat sanctuary so look after all the poor homeless kitties.

Yes, for me Garfield is my other half. We’ve been together so long now I don’t know what I would do without him, I would be so lost. We’ve been through so much together, I’ve moved house 6 times with him! I feel like we even have a telepathic connection and we can almost talk to each other it’s weird, I can tell just by eye contact what he wants, like if he wants to play out in the backyard or if he wants some dinner or anything. He’s such a magical cat and he’s huge! I remember one time (when I lived in a different suburb) this weird old lady spotted him in the front yard and commented “Oh him! He popped around once and I gave him some food, I was wondering where he lived. Gosh I love BIG GINGERS!” So apparently he’s a “big ginger”. I think I love big gingers too. :heart_eyes:

Growing up I was always surrounded by cats, my family had like 6 or 7 at some point. Even from when I was a baby. Sounds weird but I feel like I can communicate better with cats than with humans. Sometimes I like to walk around the neighbourhood at dusk when all the cats come out to slink around and they can sense my cat psychic abilities and they often run out to meet me. I think we could all learn a lot from cats, if people were more like cats the world would be a better place. Socks for President!!!

Haha, I have horrible eye sight, so at night when I have my glasses off and look at Zeke, he’s just two giant glowing green orbs.

I’ve never had to adopt from a shelter yet, since my cats have all found me. If I did adopt, I’d definitely go to one. I don’t know how I’d just take home one though, it would be so hard not to just adopt them all!

I’d love to see your painting! Pet portraits is actually a surprisingly lucrative market, people love that stuff. There’s this one place that makes stuff animal replicas of your pets, it’s incredible. I want to get some of my cats so much, if just to see their reactions to their doppelgangers.

I used to work as a Veterinary Assistant for a few years at a clinic that specialized in exotic animals, but still also did your regular, run of mill house pets. Saw some pretty interesting animals, giant boas, alligators, monkeys, if it’s something people keep as a pet, I probably saw it at some point! It was the hardest job though, so many sick and dying animals. When I first started working there, I was told if you hadn’t cried 5 times yet that day, then the day wasn’t over yet. They were right. I also volunteered at a shelter for awhile too, training dogs so they’d be more adoptable.

People can be awful to their pets, it’s just sad that they can get away with it.

Oh gosh, that belly, I just wanna poke it. It’s a rule in my house that if my cats show their bellies they’re gonna get poked. :laughing:

When I was a kid, we had a pet dog, I’d wanted a dog so bad. It wasn’t until I was older and got my first cat that I realized I’m actually a cat person. Not that I hate dogs or anything, I can see myself with a dog again someday, just probably not anytime soon. And it would have to love cats. :laughing:

Here’s my favorite picture of my fur buddies all together.

I love the look on Petri’s face (the little cat on the left). Lily, our dog, is pretty good with the cats. She likes to chase them sometimes but they never seem to run too far. Harrison in the middle loves food, he’s a pig. My wife and I got him from the SPCA. We found Petri on Craig’s list, almost named him Craig. Lily was a rescue from Alabama. She’s timid but very sweet.

I just recently got into pet portraits. Here’s one I did for a friend.

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