Adding Friends?

I’m new to the site and I thought it was pretty cool. I told friends about it and they have signed up as well. Now we can’t figure out how to add each other as friends. It seems that the Facebook button is the only option. I wish I could just add them by user name. Anyways, I tried using the Facebook message option to send an invite, but they have not gotten it. How can I add them?

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I could be wrong but you can only add friends on the database side of the site and not the forum side. You add friends by visiting their userr profile (here is my profile as an example - you can replace my username with any other user name as another way to reach the profile page). Click the Add Friend button in the top right corner. You can see the button in the screen capture below:

Thanks! Yes, the DB side was what I was looking for. It’s a bit unintuitive that you have to replace part of the url just to to get to a friend’s profile to add them. Hopefully that gets fixed to make it easier.

I am not certain if there is a user search somewhere on the site. It might exist but has no front end. Possibly something @peter will implement later down the road. Perhaps also there has not been a lot of need for a user search with people adding friends by clicking on their user name via a post. Definitely if it is something you think would be useful you could place a feature request in the feedback thread.

This might help:
You can find users and it will take you to their profile.


@Taiyed311 awesome user name. Big fan of 311. Seen them 5 or 6 times. Went to 311 day in 2008.

This is the secret URL where you can search for users. It used to be a link in the navbar, but it wasn’t used very much. I think when I was trying to unclutter, I removed the link to it. I can probably put it back now to be honest. I think it’s a useful thing to have.


That explains a lot. I had no idea it existed. Thanks to @8bithero for revealing it :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’m a pretty big fan, myself. I was at 08 and I went this year as well. Do you know what the Familia is?

No clue.

Do you like their new album?

It’s a 311 facebook group with a pretty good community. It’s a great way to meet other fans all over the US.

I do like their latest album; it definitely beats Uplifter and Universal Pulse. They have a new album coming out early 2017.

+1 to including a link to this somewhere on the site maybe? I have a friend who was trying to figure out how to add me but couldn’t find anything on the site to do this :slight_smile:

The /user/ link has been added back to the navbar! It only shows up if you’re logged in though.