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Finished it (in just 2 hours) but it was just ok, I think.

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This game was nothing short of amazing! I wish it was longer :cry: this definitely needs a sequel. I got all the trophies on PS4 and would again.

Badge Title: Ocean of Wisdom (AB= Ocean ZU= to know) Badge plz

A lot of people compare this to Journey and always comment on how inferior ABZU is to Journey. Is that the truth? Journey seems to have nothing but desert and ruined buildings while ABZU is teeming with life and colors, it amazes me with the detail and beauty put into every second of ABZU. Journey looks dull and empty in comparison. I haven’t played Journey so does anyone know what makes Journey that much better than ABZU? Because a game like ABZU but better would be amazing to play.

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I would say that Abzu and Journey are just different. Journey is quite beautiful. Don’t let the desert setting lead you to believe it isn’t a colourful game. It is, but with a different colour palate than Abzu. Journey does some wonderful things with movement and music and also multiplayer. It has a very interesting and, I think, exceptional execution of multiplayer. My first experience of the game involved meeting a random stranger who accompanied me on my journey. There is only one mode of communication, a pulsing light with a tone, and it’s quite astounding how something so little can facilitate a sense of communication and connection.

Both Abzu and Journey are wonderful games that each have reasons why they are worth playing.

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huh, thanks for the info.


For those who don’t have Abzu yet, Humble Bundle has an Ocean’s Day Bundle going on right now that includes it! The Humble Oceans Day Bundle (๑•ㅂ•)و✧

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So, I beat the game and hated it. It took me like 6 hours. Why did it take so long you ask? I didn’t know you could swim faster by holding a button and hitting X. I thought that button was just to dive in the beginning and hitting X by itself would work fine. I was wrong. So the reason I hate the game is my own fault, but at least I finished it!


I’ve finished the game and it was a beautiful and relaxing experience! The best part was when I could jump out of the water in unison with the shark and other fish. I recommend it if you want to spend some laid-back playing time enjoying beautiful visuals. (Badge please).

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Finished it about 2 hours. It’s a pretty good game. cough Badge! cough

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Finished the game a few months back, I really enjoyed it. Short two to three hour experiences like Abzu are really fun. It feels good to experience a whole game in one sitting as if it’s a movie. Badge please.

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Beautiful game. Really enjoyed swimming on the back of a turtle!

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I play this game every time I’m stressed out and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Love the music, love the story, love the experience.

Badge name suggestion: Friend of the Sea?

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I loved this game and it’s simplicity. I love collecting all trophies for a game so I really enjoyed this. I would love a badge~

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Completed it when it came out. I always say this is Journey under water.

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