A Place to Talk/ Be


I have noticed over the years I have been on the site and forum, there comes posts here and there from various users posting about things going on in their personal lives that may or may not be stressful for lack of a better word. I have always considered myself to be a fairly empathetic person and figure it would be nice to have a topic here designed to be a safe zone in a relatively safe zone that this site/ forum actively promotes and cultivates.

If anyone needs to talk, vent or just hang, I and many others would be more than happy to be there, and assist/ join in.

Thank you as always.


I’m sad I created a topic to say good things but I still haven’t make out anything to post there.

Something like that?


Unfortunately, at least from what I am privy to, it seems like good news comes sparingly or is obscured by all types of nonsense that more than likely sells better to the masses.

https://discuss.grouvee.com/t/sometimes-you-just-need-good-news is a worthwhile topic in itself though and I will do my best to find something to share in it.


Well, I have gave up with the news. I know I won’t find good news there.

I ended depressed and even sick because the sensationalism they sell is… disgusting. They will give you the most awful details if they think you will visit them because of that. People behind the news don’t matter at all.


Sometimes I feel a little lonely/bored; seems it’s just sort of a difficult age/area to meet people


I can understand. Sometimes it seems the more people head online, the lonelier it may be. I also don’t think that the pandemic helped much with bettering this or bringing people together.


I’m going to try a local art therapy; so will see how that goes

I’ve been wondering if there will be the Halloween challenge again [here]; that was epic. I’ve been saving a few games for it just in case


I remember doing a bit of art therapy years ago. I’m not the most creative person so it went as well as it could. Are you doing it for a certain amount of sessions, or one session at a time to see how it goes?

I plan on participating same as we did last year. I’ll start a new topic for it in preparation.


Today hasn’t been a particularly good day for me, but I stumbled across something that really lifted my spirits. Maybe it will help someone else too. All the videos this person makes seem to be a treat for my soul:

The channel: David M Bird - Invidious


One session a month for the time being. It might be nice, as I don’t have much of a [local] social life, so I wonder if this can help in any way

Oh, I will have to take a look at that