A little bit of improvement

Hello! There are some games with wrong\non-existing data:

Wrong release date (it’s not announced yet)
also there’s a better pic on steam page Blasphemous on Steam

Developer name is “Steel Mantis”, release date is not 2018 (should be released in 2019)
Also it won’t be released on Vita.

Developer is “2 Ton Studios”, and Platforms should be PC, PS4 and Xbox One.
There’s also a much better pic on steam page Unto The End on Steam

Already out now, release date is May 14, 2019

Wrong release date (it’s not released yet with no date announced), also the publisher is “Coffee Stain Studios”

Developer/ Publisher name is sebagamesdev


should have PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 platforms available.

never was on PC

Developer/ Publisher actual name is “Nevada Band studio”

Bushiden isn’t in database.

Release Date: 2020
Developer: Pixel Arc Studios
Publisher: Pixel Arc Studios
Genre: Action, Platformer
Platform: PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Narita Boy isn’t in database (should be released in December, 2019)

Release Date: 2019
Developer: Studio Koba
Publisher: Studio Koba
Genre: Brawler, Platformer
Platform: PC

Developer is Aarne “MekaSkull” Hunziker
Genre: Action, Platformer
also steam page has a bit better pic Cyber Shadow on Steam

announced to be released in July, 2019

Platforms are TBA now, but adding a “PC” could be better than just empty.

Thanks for a great service!

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Hey there, @Baroness!

I checked all the games you have posted here and some problems were -happily- already fixed. I personally went through some of the other things that still needed some changes. Here’s what I did:

  1. Blasphemous:

:arrow_right_hook: Box art updated
:arrow_right_hook: Description updated
:arrow_right_hook: Release date updated
:arrow_right_hook: Linux added to the “Platforms” section

  1. Valfaris:

:arrow_right_hook: Box art updated
:arrow_right_hook: Description updated
:arrow_right_hook: PlayStation Vita has been removed from the “Platforms” section

  1. Unto the End:

:arrow_right_hook: Box art updated
:arrow_right_hook: Description updated

  1. A Plague Tale: Innocence:

:arrow_right_hook: Description updated
:arrow_right_hook: Box art was already updated by myself the moment the title came up on Grouvee
:arrow_right_hook: Adventure added to the “Genres” section


:arrow_right_hook: Description updated
:arrow_right_hook: Release date updated
:arrow_right_hook: Instead of “Coffee Stain Studios” as “Publisher”, I added “Coffee Stain Publishing”. It’s a subsidiary that acts as the publishing entity within the Coffee Stain group. Similarity can be found on the official Steam Page.

  1. Fight’N Rage:

:arrow_right_hook: Box art updated
:arrow_right_hook: Description updated
:arrow_right_hook: Action added to the “Genres” section
:arrow_right_hook: Both “Developer” & “Publisher” sections have been updated

  1. Amy:

:arrow_right_hook: Description updated
:arrow_right_hook: Platforms updated

  1. Bushiden:

:arrow_right_hook: Game has been added to the database

  1. Narita Boy:

:arrow_right_hook: Box art updated
:arrow_right_hook: Description updated
:arrow_right_hook: Brawler added to the “Genres” section

  1. Cyber Shadow:

:arrow_right_hook: Box art updated
:arrow_right_hook: Description updated

  1. Streets of Rage 4:

:arrow_right_hook: Description updated


If there is something that I decided to not change, it’s because of the lack of information currently available. If something new will come up regarding those games that you posted here, I’m sure myself or any other staff member will be more than happy to help.

I saw you talking about some games not being added on the site. Here is where you can create a request yourself and send it towards moderation together with other links that may catch your attention:

I hope I made your life easier with my reply. If there is anything else, let me know or create another topic.


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