A Hat in Time

This is the discussion/completion topic for A Hat in Time. Please keep any spoilers blurred!

If you’ve completed the game, let us know below and an admin or moderator will make sure you get your badge!

This badge has no title! Please help us out by giving suggestions! The title can’t be something generic like "Hero’ as it could apply to many games. Make sure it relates to the game somehow, but doesn’t spoil it!


I have completed A Hat in Time a while back.

Thank you.

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Played this in 2019, not only cute, but a very tight game. Perhaps the title for this badge can be “Explorer of Worlds, Collector of Hats.” for obvious reasons haha. May I please have the badge?

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Super cool game. A badge would be great please.
Name idea: +1 to the post above me. I really like that one.

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