2024 most wanted!

The new year approaches. What are your most anticipated games of 2024?

For me personally, I’m looking forward to hearing what the “Switch 2” is going to be all about. And what Metroid Prime 4 is going to look like on it… that has to be a 1st year title for the next Ninty console, right?


Any new halo infinite content!

  • Hollow Knight Silksong, providing it releases in 2024.

  • Citizen Sleeper 2

  • Unicorn Overlord

  • Skull and Bones - no not because I want to play it, but because I want that thing to be out so it isn’t stuck in Neverland forever and the poor people working on it get freed from its curse

  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 - no not because I have much hope, but I have/had just enough of a glimpse of hope and now for so long that I just want the wait to end. Give me the game and let it be good or bad, but JUST RELEASE THE DAMN THING, even if it hurts. Free me from this curse!

  • Gothic 1 remake - just joking, there is no release date and at this point I have no idea if it will ever get one. The longer it takes the lesser I want this, but I also want this badly, so pretty please can I have at least a release date even if it is 2025?

My actual hope for 2024:

I have seen youtubers play early versions of it and if it just stays like that I am fine with it and will buy it on release.

Everything else I have seen trailers of is meh for me. I probably rather buy a game from 2023 that I have not bought yet, like the Star Trek ones, than planning on the games that will/might be released in 2024.

Maybe it is me, but I have not been so not excited for an upcoming gaming year since I started gaming in ~2010.

Honorable mention:

This is a game I will gift to someone loving Moomins and probably will play with them or watch them play it, if it is somewhat ok. They liked the demo, so that’s already a good sign.


My partner and I are very excited for the Snufkin game!


Yeah, that’s pretty much where I’m at for Vampire Bloodlines 2. I was incredibly excited back when it first got announced, but now I just want the pain to end lol.

Loosely ordered, here’s 10 games I’m really looking forward to for next year:

  • Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown - Looks like the prince moves super smoothly in this one, and the Metroid Dread inspiration is great to see. Comes out real soon, too!

  • Penny’s Big Breakaway - The yo-yo swing double jump is a cool new idea that looks really joyful, and the Sonic Mania team are trusted performers. Love the strange color palette.

  • FF7 Rebirth - I’ve never played the original, but I had a great time with Remake and am totally on board for the rest of the ride! Action RPGs aren’t usually my thing outside of Souls games, but Tifa was a blast to play in part one.

  • Dragon’s Dogma 2 - It honestly just looks like more Dragon’s Dogma, but I don’t mind since that game rules.

  • Citizen Sleeper 2 - Was really impressed by how much warmth and heart the first game infused into its chilly setting.

  • Princess Peach Showtime! - Doesn’t even look particularly promising, but I’m just glad Princess Peach finally gets to do something. Hopefully it can be the foundation for her own series of games going forward.

  • Visions of Mana - New game from the team behind the surprisingly solid Trials of Mana remake. Feels like the Mana series hasn’t had a good new game in like 20+ years, so I’d love to see that streak broken here.

  • Pepper Grinder - Been following this one’s development for like a decade, but it may finally be coming out! The frantic drill-based platforming looks great.

  • DoubleShake - Played and really enjoyed the demo for this one a while back, it’s a throwback platformer inspired by PS1/N64 games like Klonoa, Tomba, and Mischief Makers.

  • Fields of Mistria - There’s a million Stardew Valley clones these days, but this one looks pretty good!


Sheesh, I have too many games as it is…though, I couldn’t help noticing that upcoming Toxic Crusaders game that seems to have Beat 'em up Dommes in it. I often like beat 'em ups; they tend to be simple and to the point

I was curious so I watched [most of] the cartoon. It was certainly a different kind of…thing…

OH YEAH, and I should look into the Apollo Justice Trilogy too; I was hoping they’d make that. I actually got into Ace Attorney through the first collection on Switch; I wouldn’t’ve thought it’d’ve really been my kind of thing, but in the end it was. And I lost Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice so it’ll be nice to have the opportunity to replace them


Guess I’m mainly curious to see how the new games for Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, and Shinobi will all turn out. (Also, crossing my fingers for a console port of Sonic Dream Team?)

I suppose I’m also waiting for Penny’s Big Breakaway, as well as the console port of Freedom Planet 2. And wondering if the Hatsune Miku Fitness Boxing will get an English release… =P


Anger Foot
Dragon’s Dogma 2
Hollow Knight Silksong
Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster

I think those are it.


It hasn’t. :weary:

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to getting around to playing Wild Arms 2 sometime soon lol


For me Moomins are completely new, so I do not really know what it will be about, but it looks nice and very relaxing.


Glad I am not the only one. :smiley:

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Are they popular in Germany, given the not so distant proximity to Finland and Sweden? They are somewhat known in North America but mostly brought over by individuals from either Scandinavian or Asian countries where they are super popular. Most Moomin related things I’ve purchased for my partner I’ve had to import or buy from specialty importers.


I am not sure if it is only my bubble, but no one that I know, except that one person with ties to Finland, knows what Moomins are. I had to look them up on Wikipedia and was shocked that it was already a TV series in Germany in my youth. I have also never seen a Moomins book in my library or a book store. If they are famous in Germany, they were hiding from me :thinking:


This is a portion of my partner’s Moomin collection. We also have a few Moomin cookbooks that aren’t represented here and other Moomin paraphernalia.


This might come off as a bit funny in terms of a recommendation but since 2022, I have gotten into American Truck Simulator quite a bit, and have found it to be very therapeutic. Nothing like putting on a podcast or online radio stream and just driving around the various truncated forms of the western portion of the United States so far. With that intro out of the way, the developer, SCS has announced the release of the following DLC:

  • Arkansas
  • Nebraska
  • Missouri

I am assuming they will be released all within 2024 as it seems they have been getting into quite a groove in creating some detailed and heartfelt recreations of each of the states and they released Texas in November 2022, and it was quite the massive endeavor, and Oklahome and Kansas this year (August and November respectively). With the next states being much smaller than Texas and the release dates of Oklahoma and Kansas being so close to each other compared to others, I hope I am right in my assumptions and possible other surprises.

Just looking forward to the coast to coast drive eventually.

Other than that specific fun, I would say that Princess Peach: Showtime! looks pretty interesting though I will need to see how it turns out before making a decision.
Cozy Grove 2 has a summer release date also and I managed to put well over 100 hours into the original before I was able to beat the main story.

The other game that comes to mind is House Flipper 2 for PS5 with an anticipated spring release date.

Funny how my taste in gaming has evolved since 2020 but I am embracing the quieter, and cozier aspect of gaming currently.


Aside from Nintendo’s next console and all that it may bring, I’m interested in Avowed, Fantasy Life i and Dragon’s Dogma 2. It will be nice if Dragon Age: Dreadwolf ends up being good (If it even ends up making it in 2024), but I can’t find it in myself to actually feel any anticipation for a BioWare game. I actually wouldn’t mind a slower year for releases to get a chance to catch up on games I’ve missed.


I have imagined a beat 'em up game where each level is a different state

Anyway, that kinda sounds like my experiences with PowerWash Simulator. Or what I’ve heard of “Desert Bus” [somewhat]


I am the same way with Powerwash Simulator, though I haven’t bought the Back to the Future DLC and find no interest in it. I’ll wait for the next batch of content.


I don’t get hugely excited for much these days, it usually more of a “that looks cool, I’ll play it one day” sort of thing.

That said, I’m looking forward to Hellblade 2, if it ever actually releases; Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, but as @lingsdook says I’m trying to not let my love of the series get me carried away as Bioware have not been doing well of late.

Cyan are releasing a full from-the-ground-up remake of Riven, in my opinion the greatest puzzle game ever made. However, they are also saying it’ll be a “reimagining” and some changes they’ve made have already been shown and I’m not a fan of many of them. Also, their stuff usually only comes to X-box several months (or in some cases a year) after everything else and there’s no way my PC will run it so it’ll most likely be a good while before I get the chance to play it.

Otherwise, I’m very curious to see what the revived SEGA IPs will be like. I really hope they are good, but SEGA’s track record is so patchy I’m trying to temper expectations.

The one game I am properly excited for is Light No Fire. While I adore No Man’s Sky, I’ll be the first to admit that it has it’s fair share of problems. Still, the exploration aspect of the game really does it for me, but I’m much more of a fantasy guy than I am sci-fi so Fire is perfect for me. I just hope it’s not as broken at launch as NMS was, but I guess we’ll see if they’ve learnt anything.