2017 new year resolution goals, backlogs, etc

new years resolution goals for games. Been looking at my lists and trying to sort them out.

shovel knight
DOOM (2016)
final fantasy v, vi, vii
DX mankind divided
stick of truth
dark souls 3
Battlefield 1
symphony of the night

Vr goals (i’m holding off on getting my own headset):
finish backlog of Unreal/unreal 2
portal (any of them)
Nazi Zombie Army (omg this game is awesome its been tough to hold off)
serious sam (any of them)
penumbra or amnesia

other goals:

1 nes (or snes) game a month
play snatcher/bladerunner adventure game already before bladerunner 2 comes out!
stop playing skyrim :smiley:

EDIT: J/K play skyrim a little (or a lot) more: Falskaar, Wyrmstooth, Moonpath to Elsweyr, Wheels of Lull, Undeath
EDIT: Persona 3 Portable


nice list. Some great games on there, some of which are on my list of games I really enjoyed playing in 2016 (Firewatch, Doom and Shovel Knight being three). You will have a greate time.

1 NES/SNES game a month is a fun idea :slight_smile:

My backlog keeps growing and it is hard to know what to play next. Over the holidays I added the following to my list:

The Last Guardian
Dishonored 2
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Battlefront Ultimate Edition
The Talos Principle
Bloodborne (yup, I didn’t have it yet)
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
The Park
Alone With You

I also pre-ordered Night in the Woods and Mass Effect: Andromeda to play later this year when they drop (these are the two I am most excited for).

On top of the games I just added to my backlog I have a few other titles I am interested in playing this year:

Samorost 3
Song of the Deep
I am Setsuna (I started it but put it on hold because it was interrupted by something else and I want to give this game my full attention)
Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
Far Cry Primal
Assassin’s Creed Rogue
Assassin’s Creed Unity
Titan Souls
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
Elegy for a Dead World
This War of Mine: The Little ones
Nier Automata
Gravity Rush 2
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
The Deadly Tower of Monsters
Lost Planet 3
Metroid Prime Trilogy
and likely many more.

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My goals for 2017 include:

  • Finishing Gran Turismo 5 (I can’t 100% it because online play is no longer supported)
  • Download Journey on PS3 ( read great things about it. The art style is gorgeous)
  • Play more Assassins Creed (just started the first game. Logged about 30 mins)
  • Learn more about my raspberry pi and code a simple game using Python
  • Play each of my Steam games for at least 20 mins. I still have a bunch I haven’t tried yet, including bundles I have yet to redeem.

That’s about it. I would love to get a second Raspberry Pi and use that for coding, robotics or automation projects, but that probably won’t be for a bit due to recent bills and things I want to buy for the house.

Happy Gaming in 2017!!!


that’s so me too. I finished the first. I really want to play Black Flag at some point but am a completionist. And Really there are so many third person A/A titles that it’s tough to make progresss through such a wide franchise.

Very good lists. I’m enjoying learning about the tastes of diff users on here. @AlexGarbus want to get back into pokemon at some point, Sun/Moon sounds really cool but i dont have any systems made by nintendo in a very long time so couldnt put it on the list. (really a bunch like this FFVI, Shenmue, Luigi’s mansion, SMB galaxy, etc.)

@bmo i’ve a collection of FPS adventure/puzzle titles very much like your list. I kind of want to play most of those on VR someday, (or at least try.)

Journey is a wonderful game, I have no doubt you will love it.

If you’re looking for more Assassin’s Creed when you are done the first game, there is a Humble Sale on the majority of the games right now (all except AC II: Revelations, AC: Rogue, AC: Black Flag and AC: Syndicate).

I would love to see a game of your design for the Pi.

I am in the same situation regarding Steam games. So many to try, let alone complete.

Have fun :slight_smile:

I just finished Black Flag last week and I’ll admit, collecting every last item was not my priority. While I’ve been fairly thorough with previous installments in the AC series, there was just far too much to collect in Black Flag that was of little interest to me. It mainly came down to the balance of the game. Sailing the ship was quite a lot of fun, navigating on land/on foot was not. So I was pretty thorough when it came to ship related activities, but anything that required land or combat was just not as compelling as other AC games, sadly. Especially assassination contracts. I love assassination contracts and challenges in every other AC game. Black Flag implements them poorly, and saddles you with the worst controls and combat mechanics since the original AC, that it simply isn’t fun. It’s disappointing.

I’d love to know what is on your list.

Ever since I watched Indie Game: The Movie, I’ve wanted to play Journey. Didn’t have a PS3 until recently.

I have Revelations and Syndicate hard copies. Still need to go back to the first one. I have no problems with it, just want to get as far as I can with GT5 now. I don’t game all that often. Mostly just Hearthstone. I’ve loved Magic the Gathering for years and Hearthstone is a somewhat decent alternative. Wow, that was a tangent.[quote=“bmo, post:5, topic:919”]
I would love to see a game of your design for the Pi.

It will happen eventually. I have a bunch of stuff I want to do for the house before that but I have been meaning to get back into Python and do at least a little coding. I would probably start with a simple puzzle game.

I just read Peter was talking about Shovel Knight. I played it for almost an hour last night. Such a fun experience! My backlog is not ridiculous, I just have a lot I picked up but haven’t played yet. Even if it’s playing for 10 minutes, concluding the game blows, then moving on to another, that would be fine. I just don’t like to waste money. If it’s in my collection, I should at least give it a try before buying something else. Then I have other games I really enjoyed like Shovel Knight but have been either busy with working or other obligations and haven’t resumed playing.

Have fun as well good kind sir.

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Purchase cartridges? Or just play?

Snatcher is awesome!!! I only scratched the surface but I love cyberpunk. I’m waiting on some parts for my retro machine (nuts and screws) but will get back to Snatcher before long. You inspired me.

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A lot of what you have, as you no doubt noticed the past 1-2 years was really a strong one for this emerging genre it would seem, as if adventure games realized they had found their place again. whether they lean a bit from survival horror or just big open worlds like dear esther, or puzzle games. you also have ‘relaxing’ artsy games too. there’s a lot that falls in the camp and it’s tough for me to really distinguish my list without playing them… Most seem like unheard of indie games littered across steam and other places, but based on screens and what i read on steam seems that a bunch of these look good. This is essnetially a genre i’m holding off on a bit for the hope of running some of them in VR (at least to give them a chance as means to play them improve) Some of the ones that havent’ been mentioned (i might cross a few but will try not to)
Albedo Eyes from Outer Space
among the sleep
Corpse of Discovery
Cryostasis (Sounds like it’s not great but it looks interesting enough to visit, from what i read it would count)
Deadcore (not sure how good it is)
Dear Esther
Eastern Mind The lost souls of Tong-Nou (
Ether One
Event 0
Fract OSC
Gone Home
In Verbis Virtus
Jalopy (not sure how to categorize this one really)
Last Dogma
Long Dark
Magrunner Dark Pulse
Memento Mori
Mind Path to Thalamus
Nike Through the Dream
Pneuma breath of Life
Portal 1 (and 2)
Radix Standard Waiver
Receiver (I think this could count)
Remaining in a dream
Soul Axiom
Turing Test
Wooden Floor
Year Walk

Virginia (added from the stuff being posted on our beloved grouvee, seems to be a good one, i originally snubbed this one for some reason and dont know what i was thinking!)

I’ve played only Stanley Parable and Jazzpunk, and the tech demo of Return of the Obra Dinn. (I think Radiation Island should fall on this list too IMO) Too many games. Still feel these are worth tracking. anyone see stuff that doesnt bleong in the list or wants to reccomend one of them as especially good let me know :smiley:

just play. on emulator. can’t justify purchases at this point (mostly it’s space!) with so much i already own anyway, but I do like convenience, states, cheats and other features… I’m known to buy carts that dont emulate right (Dungeon Master is one such guilty plaeasure, though i did one day find an emulator that ran it, haha) One of my goals is to explore the Rom Translations that continuously emerge. All kinds of stuff: Sweet Home, Shin Megamai Tensei, Akira, Last Armageddon (of these i have seen the pages of at hardcoregamer101) Anyone by chance play the old Shin Megamai Tensei games? They look like cool but no small feat.

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Loosely related in Alan Turing reference only but there’s a post rock instrumental band I like called “Turing Machine”. You should check them out if you’re into that type of music.

I’ve probably said it a few times here and there on Grouvee, but it definitely bears repeating: Shovel Knight is one of the best games I’ve ever played. I played it for the first time last year and fell in love. I devoured Shovel Knight and Plague of Shadows back to back. Yacht Club really knows what they are doing when it comes to creating the ultimate homage to retro games. A while back I posted a video regarding Shovel Knight and nostalgia that you might find interesting.

I know exactly what you mean. I have several games on Steam that I started and really enjoyed but haven’t had a chance to get back to. I want to try to get back to some of them this year.

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Agreed. I like the fact that Hearthstone takes some of the best of a game like Magic, streamlined it and made it fun for both beginners and experienced players. I spent a couple months really playing Hearthstone when it dropped and I liked it a lot.

That is a decent list. I have a few of those games myself and really enjoyed those that I have played. You have quite a collection of games that fit the profile. Since you have Soul Axiom you should consider checking out Master Reboot. It is an imperfect game, but is Wales Interactive’s first game. If you find it discounted I’d consider trying it out.

Have you played Firewatch? I noticed it is missing from your list. If not you may want to pick that up, especially given that it now has a free roam mode that allows for exploration once you’ve completed the story.

May I also suggest p.a.m.e.l.a? It is a first person survival horror game that is influenced heavily by Mass Effect for its aesthetic and world creation. This may fit in along side other games in your list. It is still in development but you cant watch a trailer here. And while on the topic of first person horror, and since you have Amnesia on your list, you should look into Soma. It’s the latest game from Frictional.

[quote=“bmo, post:13, topic:919”]
Since you have Soul Axiom you should consider checking out Master Reboot. It is an imperfect game, but is Wales Interactive’s first game. [/quote]
Master reboot Yes that looks cool thanks.

Yes its on my list of games to play for 2017 (first post), and it’s mentioned so tried to keep the list short. It will be the first one i play in this style/genre though. Also, Before I saw Firewatch i was really wanting to play Infra. (I love the setting and feel of the industrial junk of Black Mesa) I do hope that is a good one. Your opinion?

ugh, Thank you i actually keep forgetting about Soma because I played another game that is sort of cosmetically similiar in appearance and get it mixed up: Solarix which is a god awful game (or at least was) I also just came across Narcosis (am guessing its title is a direct refernece to ‘nitrogen narcosis’) which looks really cool. Didnt know soma was actually by Penumbra/Amnesia crew. I really liked Cthullhu Dark Corners of the Earth and was thinking Penumbra would be a good fit maybe. You were right in suggesting SOMA. You’ve made some really good recomendations too. I knew posting the list would be a good idea. would be shame to leave SOMA out of it. thanks.

Sorry, I was focused on the second post and missed that you mentioned Firewatch in the first.

I am not that familiar with Infra, but having just browsed the Infra site I’d say it looks intriguing. The atmosphere of the locations shown looks appealing. As for story and gameplay I’d have to look into it some more. Have you heard good things?

http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/infra I dont see much complaining about infra other than the introductory level/beginning of the game. I know very little about the game (i generally try to keep things that way for ALL games)

I saw that on Metacritic also. The overall score is low, but few people have left reviews. The rating on Steam is higher, around 88% positive. That said, I seldom trust review scores. There’s enough in the trailer that I am. at the very least, intrigued.

A ton of games that everyone has on their lists are included in my backlog as well. However, my big goal this year is the collecting and playing the various and many games of Shin Megami Tensei series (including Persona, Digital Devil, Devil Summoner, and Devil Survivor). Some of the games I want purely just to have it on my shelf, but most of them I want to tackle at some point.


I’m playing Persona 3 on PSP emulator this year. added to list. If i stupidly determine to start the whole series from beginning i’ll never do it. I can always go back, but i’d hate to not go forward on this series it looks really good.

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I did that with the first Persona on PSP twice. I told myself that I will just look up online to see where I left off and don’t start over… don’t do it…