Your Forever game

So… what’s your poison?

I mean, Your “Forever game” of choice. Live- service Game, game-as-a-service or whatever You call it.

Mine seems yo be Genshin Impact and Fortnite, with detours to Marvel Snap.


My preferred Poison is the one from Final Fight

I don’t think I could play any game forever. I love the NES Super Mario Bros. trilogy, but have re-played them so much at this point that it’s like, what’s the point [to re-play them]

Then there was Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which I played for a little bit every day at the time. I built two houses; I visited with some people online

I think anything gets old after a while for me; so I try to try something new every once in a while. Try out a new series or something


Mario Kart. There are few games that stay in rotation for me, but I have been playing Mario Kart 8 pretty regularly for the last 8 (9? I bought the Wii U version the day it released) years. Find a reason to play it probably ever other week.


Have never gotten into a live-service or games-as-a-service game. Or really into anything free-to-play, or gacha stuff, or even MMOs. Just not my bag. I guess the community angle of modern gaming never clicked with me. Same with online multiplayer. (I’m very “once in a blue moon” for that. Greatly prefer local multiplayer with friends.)

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No GAAS can hang onto me. Even the ones I love, like FFXIV, can’t keep me playing indefinitely. Eventually I just move on and each time I try to return I can’t locate enough interest to do it. I actually can’t wrap my head around perpetually returning to a live service game. My brother pretty much exclusively plays Rocket League and Fortnite, and isn’t particularly interested in other games. He loves playing one or two consistent things rather than jumping from game to game. I, on the other hand, want a ton of variety and playing live service games hasn’t been able to give me that. So my idea of forever games are a series of games I love and will simply return to and replay indefinitely. Right now the latest entry in my list of forever games is BG3 but other forever games are things like Hollow Knight, Chrono Trigger, Kentucky Route Zero, or series like Mass Effect. It’s no coincidence that this list mirrors my list of favourite games. These are the games that I think give me the same satisfaction that live service games give other people.

Honourable mention to Mario Kart 8, Towerfall and Nighogg 2, three of the forever multiplayer games my partner and I love.


I was stuck on Rocket League and Overwatch for a while when they came out, and really enjoyed seeing how far I could push myself in ranked matches. But all that time spent driving on the walls and stomping folks with Winston left me little opportunity to play anything else, and eventually the mystery of everything I’d been missing pushed me to uninstall both games and branch out.

Haven’t played a live-service game since, and likely won’t again any time soon, but it was cool to dig into a couple and understand their appeal.

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I’m still playing F Zero 99 (have put a decent amount of hours into it) but I fear it’s not going to be there forever. The playerbase seems to be shrinking at a concerning rate - I’m basically playing against the same names every other race.


If you asked me around 8 years ago it probably would’ve been Team Fortress 2. Still love the game to death but the content really dried up there and my friends moved on to other things.

Today, it’s probably Final Fantasy XIV. Really loving this one but I suspect once I finish the Main Story I’ll start to move off to other stuff, even though I have a lot of appreciation for the community.

As for games that aren’t technically “Games as a Service”, I’d go with Binding of Isaac or Dark Souls III probably. Or Left 4 Dead 2.


Overwatch was my forever game for many years, but it got ruined after Overwatch 2 reworked how the competitive mode works into a total mess. Other than that, I still feel a weird obligation to return to World of Warcraft with every expansion even though I haven’t enjoyed the endgame in a long time. Tetris Effect is my comforting “I don’t know what else to play” title, and my partner and I have been maintaining a Stardew Valley farm for more than a year, so I guess maybe that counts too.

I’d love to dig into another MMO someday, but the time commitment just gives me the ick. It would have to be a really innovative and addictive one. I’ve tried Final Fantasy XIV, Elder Scrolls Online, New World, among others, and none have captured me the same way WoW did.


I felt the same way, and would try with every expansion but couldn’t get back in. The last time I felt at home in the game was during Wrath.

FFXIV is the only one that captivated me and probably surpassed my enjoyment of WoW. But like WoW I find it hard to get back in and every time I try I fail to remain interested.


But the funny thing is i just put over 300 hours into BG3, plan to do more and plan to play multiplayer. I find it interesting that I can do that but worry about the time sink of an MMO. Maybe it’s the fact that MMOs (and all live service games) are more open ended without a real finite end, and are thus more psychologically daunting and draining because we know there no easy to cross finish line. I’m not store that’s true, but that’s one thought.


I definitely enjoyed FFXIV the few times I’ve played it, but I’ve always bounced from it for whatever reason. Probably doesn’t help that I didn’t have many friends that wanted to play it.

Yeah it’s funny, but part of it is precisely that having an MMO takes time away from single-player games. That, and the fact that coordinating MMO group activities can mean you have to schedule specific times to play, which I hate. Though… I’m doing that with BG3 too. In any case, it’s definitely not that I don’t want to spend an ungodly amount of time on video games, haha.


Magic: the gathering would normally be my answer but right now…i dunno. The game isnt healthy anymore…

The table top card game, or MTG Arena (online)?

Card game. I like the physical card in hands and meeing people. Plus i dont care for arenas limited formats and card selections

I recently bought Magic Cards for the first time in years. I haven’t played since I was a teenager. My play deck is probably embarrassing.

Ive been playing since Time Spiral, over 20 years mostly constantly. Its been a huge part of my life. Here lately though, WoTC have been making a lot of poor choices regarding products, set themes and some other financially focused areas. Im worried the game is going to slowly break down if they dont reasses the focus of the game.

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Not a fan of all the cross-marketing brand deals. That said I did buy BG3 MTG cards.

Thats only part of it. But the fantasy esq crossovers (BG3, Warhammer) have been mechanically solid as well, so i dont hate them. Some of the other ones though, i want nothing to do with, like The walking dead.

My other issue is the shift in aim to please collectors and not players. Too many recent products are illegal in regular formats, and way overpriced. Its makeing the second hand market awful as well, something theyve usually supported

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Agreed. I’ve been watching from the sidelines and it does seem going down a route that really isn’t first and foremost about having fun. It’s a shame.

Considering that there seems a few people playing MTG, would anyone be interested in playing some EDH through spelltable or similar? I haven’t played in a year or two but am still building new decks or collections (like the LotR set, which I’d say was a banger).