Your favourite video game music

Thanks for posting! I feel the same as you: while I enjoy “real” artists, I have always been moved by video game music. I think music is one of the main factors in a game. Music is part of what allow games to do what they do. If it’s done well, and if it matches the tone and character of the game or scene, then music can make a space within the game for us to inhabit. A lot of people talk about the intractability as the reason we get so attached to games, but I think true interaction is made possible through music. It puts us into an artistic mode so that we can think with more of our selves than our rational mind. Without music, we would just be watching visuals and pushing buttons.

A few good picks for me are:

  • Persona 5, especially “Rivers in a Desert.” The lyrics here are really cool.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles. There are few songs on Bionis that aren’t perfectly matched with the area.
  • Xenogears, especially “Ship of Sleep and Regret.”
  • Ni no Kuni (I and II), the world map music, but, really, it’s all great.
  • Bravely Default, especially “Land of Immortality.”
  • Child of Light
  • Journey
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A bit different to the above replies, but I love the intro music to Mario Lemieux Hockey on the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive.

Brings so many memories from my childhood. Plus, the fights were the best way for me and my younger brother to settle differences without getting into trouble! :wink:

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I still need to actually play the game, but I love listening to the soundtrack of VA-11 Hall-A while I do other stuff. It’s the perfect background music.

For a random favorite tune, I’ll share this one. Zero Wing had a legitimately awesome soundtrack.

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Why the fuck is that ff15 soundtrack not in the main game.

Wily’s Castle theme from Mega Man 2, the Buck Bumble theme, the DK 64 rap, and literally every Sonic song that has lyrics are my favorite video game songs. Lots of great 8 and 16 bit era stuff too, but I typically don’t listen to video game music without lyrics.

Halo 2 bonus theme by Steve Vai such a masterpiece in my mind.

Not so oddly enough, my favourite OST-s pretty much match my favourite games.

These two basically go together for me as two of my favourite games and soundtracks. I can’t even think of the count of times I’ve listened to them - so often I put them on when I need to get some homework done, do some reading and need to relax and stay calm, positive and motivated to be productive. They put me at a peace of mind that I usually can’t easily achieve.

  • NieR: Automata - the whole thing, it’s beautiful, it’s epic and some of the pieces never fail to send chills down my spine. My personal favourites are A Beautiful Song (Simone) - which is also my favourite boss battle in the game, just saying, and The Tower over which I may or may not get way too emotional and on the brink of tears every time I listen. Also let’s not forget The Weight of the World, it holds a very special place in my h[E]art.

  • And one honorable mention: The Last of Us - Main Theme and Ellie’s Song (Through the Valley), even though I’ve never played the game but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the music and constantly listening to it.


I studied Greek to Child of Light, and I think that’s why Greek still feels so mysterious to me (besides being an old language). I just remember sitting at my desk with the music on and, when a particularly moving part came on, sitting back and simply listening. It provided just the right break and depth to really dig into what I was doing. Thanks for posting.

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Wow, Capcom just posted tons of albums to Spotify. They include original soundtracks for things like Mega Man, but they also have some pretty decent chiptune remixes of their original music.


this list is not in any particular order, however my picks are:

  • streets of rage 2 (especially “Dreamer” music of stage 3)
  • gravity rush 2 (I love the theme of Auldnoir “old town”)
  • castlevania order of ecclesia (especially “emerald mist”)

and that is just a little suggestion from someone who loves video game music.
do yourself a favor and youtube these tracks and give it a listen, feel free to comment your opinion.

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For a random favorite tune, I’ll share this one. Zero Wing had a legitimately awesome soundtrack.

Oh wow. I’ve heard remixes and renditions of this but don’t think I ever knew this source.

VA-11 Hall-A REALLY does have a great background music soundtrack 100% agree! I played it for like maybe two months on end in my bedroom.

This year I came across some decent music.

Quake Champions is a meh game but has a neat gameplay oriented layered soundtrack. The main menu is an awesome track inspired by a track off the original Quake
Lords of Thunder for TurboGrafx CD is nice. It’s heavy metal and it’s actually decent and not gimmicky. Quite adrenalin pumping (I recommend reading my review for best way to experience this game!)
Corpse Party (for PC98) is some very impressive indie work. Very creepy and creative sound with a nice Snatcher vibe!
Tiberium Sun features a very valid andtechno-heavy by seasoned keyboard commando Frank Klepacki.
Sailormoon (snes) does an excellent job recreating themes from the show. I was impressed by the intro
Donky Kong Country Impressive and varied SNES soundtrack

Played this year a few games with great music
Total War Rome

Dark Void

The Last Remnant

Bionic Commando Rearmed

Satellite Reign
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A good rule of thumb for me: if Inon Zur or Jeremy Soule did it, it’s worth listening to.

Beyond them, Mark Griskey’s The Rebuilt Jedi Enclave from KOTOR 2 is still one of the most beautiful, melancholy things I’ve ever heard. And I love Jack Wall’s work on the Jade Empire soundtrack, particularly The Water Dragon.

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I find myself listening to video game music while doing other things, especially working, as it often relaxes and calms me. In regards to music from video games that I find to be my favorite or some of my favorites, I would say music from the Ys series has grown on me, especially with me playing through 90% of the series in the past year. A favorite of mine that I find hypes me up and can prepare me to take on anything if that makes sense is from the remake of the the third game, Ys III: Wanderers from Ys. For a PSP game, the ability for the song to make such a dramatic appeal just blows me away and rivals that of songs I have heard on far superior hardware.


I can’t give this more than 1 heart despite running the website. I love this game and this music!


Yesterday I played Nirvana Pilot Yume, which has some charm but is too short. However, its sountrack is absolutely amazing.

It’s filled with catchy melodies with an astounding synth feel. I really cannot recommend it enough; this soundtrack needs to be more widely known.

Really, just take one minute of your day to at least listen to Retröspect. I can almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Also on YouTube (in the wrong order and all in one track, unfortunately)


oh no I’m sorry, I’m gonna be that person whose picks make no sense lol

This one’s not an OST but it is about a game, so if anyone else out there has enjoyed Etrian Odyssey… hi <3


I was just thinking about this today as I am planning on replaying the game, but I find most of the music within Final Fantasy XIII-2 to be phenomenal, and considering that the game they are derived from is a squeal/ spin-off of sorts from the main entry within the long running series, I really didn’t expect such care to be put into the soundtrack.

I remember picking up a copy for my PS3 back in the day for roughly $10, not thinking much of it, and after playing it a bit and really getting a taste of the music, I knew I had to experience more of the game to get more of the songs. It is one of the few instances where the soundtrack just kept me going, not to say that the game itself was bad or anything. A few tracks I absolutely love include the ones below:


Full Speed Ahead

Village and Void


I completed this challenge during june. You can check my twitter thread here.


I saw GameSack speak of this a bit ago on YouTube. Looks interesting though I’d need to seriously put some thought into it if I were going to do it.