Your Favorite City Builder

With Maxis’ closure yesterday, I finally decided to try out the most recent SimCity. I liked what I played, but I think the size of the plot you’re allocated for each city is too small to make the plunge. What are your favorite city builders and why?


Maxis closed?? That’s kind of sad. A large part of my childhood was wrapped up in their games; I don’t even want to know how many hours I poured into SimAnt, SimIsle, SimCopter, SimTower… That being said, I still think my favorite city builder is Dwarf Fortress. SimCity may allow you to blast your city with a volcano, or an alien invasion, but does it let you carve into the volcano and direct the magma flow to eradicate your enemies, or allow you to murder the invaders and carve elaborate children’s toys from the bones of the fallen which you then sell to traveling hippie merchants?


I’m really enjoying Cities: Skylines, it’s the game I was hoping the new SimCity would be. It’s also rather a bit different from it as well, not a clone with all the issues fixed.

Paradox loves their DLC, so I suspect the game will be expanded upon heavily. The ground work is there for a great game though. And the inclusion of Steam Workshop is great.

You start out with a plot about the same size as SimCity’s, however you can expand outward into the region, which means being able to make a very, very large city.

I have a few complaints, but as the game isn’t out and finished yet, it’s very possible they’ll be addressed before then.

I do highly recommend it!


I also picked up Cities: Skylines. Only played 30 mins ( :rage: wooooork!), but it looks very promising. I’m a huuuge city builder fan and hope to finally get my fix after all these years :smile:


SimCity 2000 is my favorite of all time. I spent many, many hours as a kid playing. I finally stopped when I made an entire city full of arcologies. I considered that “beating” the game.

I’m starting to get that itch to pick up Cities: Skylines. It sounds exactly like what I wanted when SimCity came out a couple of years ago.


I picked up Cities: Skylines and I’m instantly addicted. It runs like a dream. I have absolutely zero gift for city planning, however. My citizens are upset there’s nowhere to put their dead, so I raise taxes to afford a cemetery, and now they’re upset over that, and I find myself wishing this was ActRaiser and I could burn their houses down with lightning.


I’ve played about 10 hours of C:S today in one go. Super addicting!

I plays wonderful, so smooth. Making money is rather easy, but the real challenge seems to be in making sure your city keeps growing in a controlled way and keeping your traffic in check. I’ve bulldozed parts of my city multiple times to redo it in order to make it grow and flow better. The Steamworks support a great addition, the community already made so many cool things. I have a feel this will be me go to game for the next couple of months. :smiley:


I need to revisit it because many content updates have been released since I last played, but Kingdoms and Castles had me hooked for awhile.

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The original sim city of course.