Your Average Game Rating

Hello Grouvee People.

Because I’m a geek and love stats, I downloaded the .csv of my game collection. One of the things it let me do was calculate the average scores/ratings I have given the games I’ve played.

Of the 911 games I’ve played and rated, the average rating out of 5 is… drumroll

3.08 stars!

I’m interested to hear what yours is too and if anyone has numbers that swing wildly to the extremes?

EDIT: FYI, you can export your collection by clicking your profile pic on the main site, select settings and scroll to the bottom.


197 games finished since 2014, 3547 hours and an average rating of 3,06 stars

I should probably make the website calculate this for you!


Stats and graphs all the way! :smiley:

I’ll just recycle what I did here. Not just average rating, but a complete distribution:

And ratings over “time”:

My all-time average is 3.3 start, but my recent average is more like 3.


Missed that thread on the main site feed! I’d be interested to see my graphs too :slight_smile:

@killerstar @peter That rating distribution looks really nice and it would seem like it should be on the site somewhere.

The weighted mean line graph is also kind of a neat visualization.

I would imagine my data looks very similiar, particularly lately i know the gravitation towards 3 is bound to be even more consistent that it’s been for a while

Here are your plots.


And here are yours, @GigaDeathNullGolem