Witcher 3 ranking

Hello so i notice every gaming website the game Witcher 3 is the highest game rated.

Why is the Witcher 3 the highest rating game? Why its not another game that consistently rates very high?

It reminds me of Anime called Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Wherever i go i find it at the top.

Does it make you very angry and mad because of it?

Witcher 3 is top rated at steam + metacritic + howlongtobeat + myvideogamelist and also here on grouvee.
its also very high rated on other websites maybe i dont know about them yet haha.

It’s not the highest rated game. It’s a combination of rating and popularity

It is an interesting question. Here’s a comment I wrote on the main site about 6 months ago that talks about how the ratings are calculated, and what I think is going to happen in the future:

So since I wrote that post 6 months ago, the Witcher has actually received more ratings than Breath of the Wild in that time period. I think there’s a few factors that help the Witcher beat out every other game. 1, it’s extremely popular. 2, it’s on PC, which has the largest install base out there. 3, the overwhelming majority of people that play it, love it. 4, and this is only kind of a tiny bit of it in my opinion, there is some recency bias. Obviously there are people out there who don’t like it, but based on pure numbers, they’re in the minority by quite a bit. The top ranked rating system on Grouvee is based on volume and avg rating. There’s a ton of volume of ratings for the Witcher, and they’re mostly 5 star ratings.

I actually don’t think anything’s going to overtake it for a long time. When I wrote that status, 4 games that had 400+ ratings had a higher avg. rating than the Witcher 3, and not by much. 2 of those games have dropped their avg. slightly (Breath of the Wild and God of War 2018). I was naive in thinking that Breath of the Wild would ever overtake the Witcher on this list. It’s only available on Nintendo, and the number of people playing it, and using Grouvee, will never be enough to push it over the Witcher. Especially if the avg. rating is so close.

You’re technically right, but look at this list:

There are only 2 actual games on Grouvee with more than 100 ratings that have a higher avg. rating than the Witcher 3. I don’t count Bloodborne the Old Hunters because it’s DLC and Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection is a collection of games. That’s fairly staggering when you think that the Witcher 3 has almost 4000 ratings on this site.

So, it’s the 5th best rated game on Grouvee. Old Hunters is in the top250 list so I guess it counts as a game. Anyway most people will give the TOP250 a 5star rating anyway. I only spotted a few exceptions of that rule. I don’t think W3 is the game I liked the most but in comparisons to other games I played I just can’t give it a rating below 5 stars.

But it is the highest rated game almost everywhere and its number 1 here too.

You are wrong though, because Blood and Wine is higher rated than Old Hunters.

I have never played it, is it good?

I like RPG and i like good stories too, i dont know im afraid to play it lol.

Apparently i cant edit my comment so i would add that i was asking about it on other websites too, on other websites Breath of the Wild is not even the 2nd place, but Witcher is always the 1st and rarely its not but then you find it in the top 5.

Blood and Wine has a higher avg rating, but only based on 12 total ratings. We were only looking at games with 100+ ratings. Grouvee only recently added DLC to the site, so Blood and Wine hasn’t had a page for very long.

I guess it’s more important that you like 3rd Person Action games in an open world because RPG can mean anything gameplay wise.

It’s probably so well liked because it is a big game which has a lot to do in it. I mean, I liked botw, but it felt pretty empty to me. With almost no dialogue.

And I sort of liked God of war, but it is pretty restricted in where you can go.
And I found the story pretty lame. With weird puzzles that felt out of place.

And then there’s last of us, which I didn’t like, because I couldn’t get through some parts and had had to try over and over and over again. The witcher 3 is much more forgiving. If you don’t like something, you just go elsewhere.

I’m surprised that gta V isn’t ranked higher. I mean, it sold a lot of copies. It probably appeals more to less hardcore gamers than are hanging around here.

I started playing it 3 days ago, so far completed Bloody Baron questline and its super good.
So far the only thing i dislike is the horse controls but everything else seems top notch.