Which PS3?

I need advice my friends!!!..

So I’ve come to the conclusion that I probably need to buy a PS3, reason being there are a few games that I can’t realistically play any other way (Demon Souls, Dark Souls, The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus), and none of these appear to be heading for a PS4 port / remaster anytime soon.

So question is, if money were no object, what would you get… a 500Gb PS3 Super Slim (which you can still pick up new), or an older but cooler looking “slot” loading 250Gb Slim? or does it really matter?

There’s quite a bit of info online, but most of it is old and relates to the PS3 vs PS4 purchase argument, so was just wondering what my wise friends in the Grouvee community would recommend?

(Currently hardware = Retina iMac mainly using Steam, but increasingly using my PS4, as just love the “remote play” feature which lets you play PS4 games on practically any device anywhere, including on my 11" Macbook Air in bed!!!).

Slim, not super slim. For one very important reason: the slim can play PS games, while the super slim cannot. It really opens the door to convenient classic game play. It is nice to play my classic PS games on a console with wireless controllers.

And if HDD size is at all a concern or factor in which console to buy, keep in mind that you can (and should) swap the drive out for a larger one in the slim.


P.S. What is your local network like for remote play? I too have an iMac and Air, and with my current set up remote play is terrible (either to the Mac or my Vita). I currently blame my router, but I am curious what your set up is like given you’ve found success.

…I was thinking of the slim, even though it’s older. It just seems like they’d ironed out all the issues of the “fat”, without the cheaper form factor of the super slim.

Re: PS remote play
After a bit of trial and error my home network is pretty solid. It basically a newish AirPort Extreme base station connected to lots of things, then a combo of Ethernet or PowerPlugs, with some wifi (5Ghz) as well. I’m surprised how well the PowerPlugs perform (superior to wifi).

On my iMac, which is connected via Ethernet cable remote play is seamless, no dropouts ever, really smooth, no lag. In bed, I’m relying on wifi, I get occasional dropouts, occasional lag, but not so much that it’s not playable.

I can’t get a steady enough connection right now. It’s my fault. I’m I’m going not using an Airport Express and my Vita (or Air) and PS4 are both connected via wifi. I’ve thought about using powerplugs, and it’s encouraging that is at worked for you. Really what I need to do is either run some coax and reposition my modem or run some cat6 from the router to the PS4 so it is hardwired. I managed to get remote play to work for a bit and it was a wonderful thing to have, but it didn’t last.

Re: PS3, I have a slim and I wouldn’t trade it for any other model.

If I could, I would have run Cat6 cable under the floor boards or something similar to my PS4, but it was too much of a pain, so thought I’d give PowerPlugs a go.

Went for these…

TP-LINK TL-PA4020PKIT AV500 Two-Port Powerline Adapter with AC Pass Through Starter Kit - Twin Pack https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00LV41PO4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_G3ABxbEJREZT0

…you can probably get a newer better model now. I liked these as they had AC pass through, so you don’t loose a plug socket, and the twin ports meant I could connect my AppleTV and PS4 without having to use an ethernet switch. They’ve been surprisingly good, with great speed and really reliable, so my PS4 is hard wired to my router now and I don’t have to rely on patchy wifi.

I appreciate you can probably get better performing and more configurable routers then the Apple stuff, but they work really well for me and they require next to no networking knowledge to set up.

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I have contemplated powerline adapters and wondered how well they work. You success has renewed my interest in trying them out. I’ve thought about either upgrading from an express to an extreme, to improve general bandwidth, or moving to a TP-Link router with more features. I recently set up a TP-Link based network for someone and it is reliable and fast. Or, I have to stop being lazy and run that coax, lol.