When Adjusting Backlog, Do Not Auto-Direct to New Position

Start on My Games (Backlog Shelf) screen; requires library has 26+ games.

  1. Select a new page (any page but page 1)
  2. For any game on the screen, enter a number 1-25 in the # input box
  3. Backlog priority is adjusted and you are redirected to page 1


Easy: Update backlog priority on item, remain on the same screen
Harder: Update backlog priority on item, show small popup dialog that reads “Game has been updated Go to New Position” The “Go to” text links to the new page for the item, or if on same page, to an anchor point showing the game.

The use case for this is a User (say, me haha) grooming a large number of games, say on initial import, or more than one game really.

P.S. <3 Grouvee

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Perfect description! I’ll get it fixed.