What is your most battle-worn console?

Must have been my PS2. I’ve had like three of them as they died, the final one being the grey slim model. It’s the system I spent the most time on purely because at that time of my life (high school) I had the most time available to play videogames. I’d pretty much play everyday for a couple of hours and still have time to meet friends, go out… Ah, the good old days!

Lately, my new 3DS XL must be the one taking most of the beating as I always take it with me on business trips or holiday and I tend to play lengthy games on this one.

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As a teen I had a light pink DS Lite that was so loved that the top screen came apart from the bottom screen, (apparently as a result of wear and tear as there was no initiating incident to this), although I kept trying to play on it while it was only being held together by some thin wires up until one of the screens no longer worked.

Right now my gaming laptop (a lower-end one, Dell Inspiron) looks kind of beat up on the outside but still works fine, I don’t remember how long I’ve had it, maybe 4 or 5 years, but the last couple I’ve been using an external keyboard and mouse for it only so it’s not in bad shape.

Also my Wii nunchuk was half-eaten by my parents’ dog but I still use it when I play the Wii on occasion :joy:


lol that’s awesome. These are the kinds of stories I’d imagine many a handheld owner has. Although to some extent, it can be true for consoles (or computers!)

I had a 2005-era laptop that had this weak AC/DC solder joint. it popped off the board and i (sloppily) resoldered it back on. time to time it would pop off, and i’d solder it back in place. eventually the thing shorted out. this was also a laptop that was substandard for gaming, it had an integral GPU that tended to overheat and i have memories of putting a very large and loud fan next to it full blast as i’d play morrowind with headphones with high volume. I also remember putting it on the window sill when it was snowing outside and playing hitman contracts in a trench coat.

Anyone here play an N64 controller until they wore the joystick down to a nub from all that rolling back and forth in mario party and the like? :smiley: I certainly jangled the response accuracy out of a few, but I never wore one out completely or had the joystick snap off.


That was me with the laptop I had before I got the Inspiron, I would do anything I could to keep it cool. I really only played Sims 3 on it back then but that was enough to heat it so bad you could cook an egg on it :joy:

My old N64 controller (I had the Pikachu version of the console!) is back at my parents’ house but I bet if I looked at it again it would have some wear to it, not quite down to nubs though :sweat_smile: I was all about Pokemon Stadium as a little kid.

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Definitely my PS3. I used it so much the disc reader has pretty much stopped working.

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