What games you trying to finish for [GC 2021]?

Well, it’s almost over. But we got one week left! Was just wondering if anyone has a few titles they are racing to complete.

I have a few titles I could do that but I dont think i’ll be doing that. I’m content replaying BattleTech and No Man’s Sky.

I managed to finish Halo Infinite today so I guess now I’m going to see if I finish Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy before the 31st.

Knowing that I play games by my mood, I’ve only filled one Tier 2 group in the challenge while the rest of the groups I’ve chosen to commit to have games scattered pretty evenly with just a couple of games left to complete them each. However, the closest to finish the next group leaves me to find a game for the right criteria. So, I’m going by finishing HIVESWAP: ACT 1.

I have a couple of days to finish Bioshock Infinite, as well, considering that it is the last game in community-voted suggestion for me. Time to grind up!