What games did you get for Christmas!? 2021 edition!

Hey Grouvee people.

Merry Christmas!

I was fortunate enough to get Mario Party Superstars and Nier Replicant for Christmas!

What about yooooooou???



I got The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword [Switch] and the Flinstones: the Rescue of Dino and Hoppy [NES] !

I have World of Nintendo figures too


Ooooo, I wanna play that Flintstones game. Loved what little I played of it when young.

As for OP, I tragically got no videogames this year! All house stuff, ugh homeownership. Then again, it’s probably a good thing, because I’m trying to stay focused on my chronology project. I did, however, buy my husband Far Cry 6 and Final Fantasy VII Remake, I know they aren’t new games tho ha.

Edit: since others mentioned their relevant non-game gifts, I did get some good media, not just homeowner stuff: Akira Volume 2 manga from my brother, Akira DVD/Blu-ray, and [will get] the Dune DVD/Blu-ray. For my husband, Lovecraft Country Season 1 and Pose Seasons 1-3 (he’s a big streaming media guy) (Further edit: omg duh! And he got me a GIANT shelf, like ridiculously huge, to fit all my binders of printed videogame walkthroughs and manuals, as well as our videogames. Probly our books too from the basement shelves. That way we can focus on just movies for the basement shelves, since we mostly game and read upstairs anyway.)


I was waiting for you to post this :wink:

I was gifted two very unexpected games, Returnal and Little Nightmares II. Unexpected not because I didn’t want them but my partner managed to pick out two games on my wish list that Weren’t on my boxing week sales radar. Very excited to play both.


I grabbed Saints Row IV Re-elected for free after using gold points on the Nintendo store a couple of days before Christmas. I’d say that kind of counts! No one really buys me video games anymore :frowning:


Just edited the title to say 2021, not 2022! No one noticed, or if they did, didn’t call me out on it. Haha!

Glad you all got something, or bought yourself something for Christmas! Bit of retail therapy can be good for a person.


I just ordered Super Mario Odyssey and Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe with a Christmas gift card. Looking forward to some couch multiplayer sessions with my wife and maybe my mom too.


I got a copy of Metroid Dread! Looking forward to playing that one, I’ve done a decent job of avoiding spoilers. Also got some Steam and PSN credit, which is always appreciated.

Biggest surprise was a Mega Everdrive. Played some Sonic 3 Complete and fan-translated Pulseman on my Mega SG!


Well now, it seems I just bought myself a Series X and since it’s still the Holiday season, I’ll count that toward this list. Also, now my brother will get a gently used Series S as a Christmas/early birthday gift.


My copy of Eastward arrived today. I guess that counts too :wink:

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My brother bought for me an expansion pack for CATAN: EXPLORERS & PIRATES
CATAN is my favourite game of all time. I would love to make 3D version of the tiles from clay. :revolving_hearts: Maybe it’s time to make it New Year Resolution (bigger chances of success than diet).