VR Game Recommendations

My partner surprised me with a Valve Index as an early Christmas gift! I am literally so excited to get home and play it for the first time today. It came with Half-Life: Alyx (can this be enjoyed by someone who’s never played Half-Life?) and I plan on getting Beat Saber (during the next Steam sale). I’ve also played VR Chat in desktop mode so I’ll be playing that in VR for the first time over the weekend and I know there’s a few games in my library already that have VR modes, but not sure which ones off the top of my head.

What other VR games would you recommend?


@MarioPrime says the new Assassin’s Creed VR game is awesome. I plan on picking that one up soon. I’ve got the 7th Guest, and have been having a lot of fun with that. All that being said, Beat Saber is the reason to own a VR headset. Luckily the next Steam sale supposedly starts next week.

I hope other people chime in here! I’ve been loving my Quest 3.


I’m trying to hold out for that sale. It was impossible to fall asleep last night cause I am so stinking excited. Beat Saber is the main reason I wanted a VR headset and it’s going to be hard not to buy it over the weekend. I just need to be strong! :sob:


The “game” that blew my mind and convinced me to get a VR headset was Aircar. It’s free and will help you gauge whether you will have any issues with motion sickness as well. You just fly a jetsons type vehicle around a neo city.


I just flipped through the Steam Sale and thought of this thread. Bummer that Beat Saber isn’t on sale! Do things go on and off sale throughout the sale like they used to, or is what you see what you get at the beginning?


What you see is what you get (which I prefer). The way the old sales ran, it felt like gambling, or selling turnips in Animal Crossing. I found it quite stressful, haha.

Beat Saber (according to my partner) has only gone on sale once on Steam back in 2018, so it looks like it doesn’t need discounts to do well. Unsurprising as I believe it’s the most popular VR game besides VR Chat. We decided to buy it any way and get some mods running to access all the community content that’s out there. Once I recover from being sick, I will be diving headfirst into it.

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Any of the Star Wars ce games I would recommend

Ah where to start?! I got my first VR headset about 7 or 8 months ago and recently upgraded to the Pico 4 to use exclusively with PCVR.

I’ve been completely taken back by VR and the games that are already out there, it’s only gonna get better and better from here (hopefully).

As for games to suggest, it really depends what you’re into. You’ve mentioned beatsaber, so some music / rythm based games i’d recommend would be:

Pistol Whip - a rail shooter rythm game where you shoot enemies to the beat of the music! you can get all funky with it and dance as you do it. Whatever floats your boat!

Against - Another rythm shooting game similar to Pistol Whip except this is more on the grungey metal side I think. Looks really cool. Haven’t played it myself.

Ragnarock - another rythm game but you’re a viking drummer. I guess it’s nordic guitar hero where you’re on a long boat beating those war drums!

Maestro VR - Possibly my favourite music game as it lets you conduct epic classical pieces of music!

Rez Infinite - You might already know of Rez but this is the latest version with both standard desktop and VR compatability. I love it because of how trippy it is.

Tetris Effect - Another desktop and VR game with some pretty killer music or so I’ve heard.

I really enjoy immersive stuff that takes full advantage of the motion controls. I’ll provide Steam links ot the games below. Some of my personal favourites are:

The Break In - Really hilarious robbery game where you can play solo or with 3 other people. You can climb almost anything and steal almost anything. You choose a property and then it’s up to you how you steal the stuff. Love the freedom it gives you.

Blade & Sorcery - Probably the best melee VR game I’ve played. Also one of the biggest VR modding scenes. I used it to mod Star Wars content into my game and do stuff like this lmao

enter image description here

BoneWorks / BoneLabs - Both really fun physics games with good campaigns and a focus on sandbox stuff and modding. It’s the Garrys Mod of VR I guess. BoneLabs, the most recent game has had a lot of backlash due to lack of support though. I really enjoyed it though.

Ghost of Tabor - Probably the most realistic gun based game I’ve played in VR. It’s a realistic extraction looter shooter with about 12 players in each game. I never kill anyone though, I just play with the guns and try and make friends lol. Worth it just for that!

Cook Out - Fun cooking challenge game where you make orders to a time limit and play with 3 other chefs. There’s also Cooking simulator VR if you want a sandbox experience instead.

Drunkn Bar Fight - Goofy melee physics game where you start fights in bars and have to use objects to defeat other drunkards. Or just flink your fists around, that works too.

Garden Of The Sea - Relaxing animal crossing type affair where you craft and maintain an island with a focus on gardening! Really like this game.

A Fishermans Tale - Fun and unique puzzle game which plays on the idea of perspective. Tons of other good VR puzzle games on steam to choose from if puzzle games are your thing.

Pixel Ripped - Celebration of retro handheld gaming and the retro aesthetic in general. There’s 3 games now in the series and they have you play as a school girl whos playing a gameboy type handheld during class. Fun mix of classic 2d platforming and 4th wall breaking VR moments! I think it’s all done sitting down too which is good if mobility is an issue.

SuperFly - A superhero wet dream. You can pick from about 10 powers and fly around the city doing missions. Felt really cool web swining to a roof and then jumping off.

Super Hot VR - Time moves when you move and you have to eliminate the enemies before they eliminate you. Get your matrix hat on!

Vertigo 2 - Charming action adventure game with some reall unique and weird moments. Gave me a lot of Half life vibes and I think it was a big inspiration for them.

Wanderer - Haven’t played much of this but its a really immersive narrative puzzle game

Hotel R ‘N’ R - On my wishlist. You smash up various rooms with different things in them to earn money and buy more equipment. Basically smashy smashy time. There’s a free demo if you want to try it.

REQUISITION VR - Zombie wave based game with a big emphasis on crafting. The crafting is also really physical too, you tape stuff together to make cool weapons. Looks unique but zombies scare me quite a bit lol

Davigo - A unique game which pits PC vs VR users. I think the VR user is sort of a god like character that sits above the map and the PC player has to try and launch themselves up to hit the VR player. Looks really interesting.

Waltz of the Wizard - You’re a wizard!

Iron Rebellion - Mech game if you like that kinda stuff!

vrkshop - wood working workshop sandbox game where you can practice your carpentry skills. Lot of potential!

Anyway, sorry for such a long list. I’m sure i’ve missed a lot. Something that’s really important is to make sure you check how old the games are. I’ve bought a few in the past that were built for 2015 tech and the control schemes just do not translate well at all. Luckily steam has always given me a refund in the past for such cases. Most games built 2018 onwards should be fine.

Another tip is to check the bundle websites like Humble Bundle and Fanatical! Most of my VR collection comes from Humble Bundle, They’ve had 2 or 3 VR bundles recently though so not sure when the next one will be. Hope you enjoy your VR adventure!


I would recommend any vr game made by valve. Especially Half Life Alynx!

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What a great write up with plenty of variety! Thank you thank you. I sincerely appreciate it. You’ve given me plenty of homework and I can’t wait to dig into these titles.