Viva Pinata!

There’s only been 4 titles released for the franchise, and considering one was a party game and the other was a watered down version of the original on the DS, that really only leaves us with two really solid titles to discuss. That being said, I wanna talk about them with people because they are some of my all time favorites and I think a very very undervalued and underappreciated (and sadly forgotten) titles in the history of the Xbox.

Viva Pinata was really the last time Rare was in “Rare” form (not to be cute). Before this they released Kameo: Elements of Power (another excellent forgotten title honestly) and between Kameo and Viva Pinata, the “fun” version of Rare sort of died sometime after that more or less. So seeing as Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise was their last real outing of any significance, despite it not being as good as the first game, I wanted to talk about the games with anyone. I’ve played all 4, for what it’s worth. I just wish they’d make a new one.

Anyway, post your favorite pinatas, or talk about how you played it or set up your garden or whatever. I just wanna finally talk about it with someone lol