Videogame themed non-cosplay clothing items

This is my prized original 151 Pokemon shirt. I have had it for 12 years. The bottom is starting to get ratty.


I probably have more video game-related shirts than anything else…

Wearing this one at the moment


I know ive got more around somewhere, a few anime ones too. Couple kirby, a zelda, a mario… didnt want to dig em out right now. But this is probably my favorite even tho i cant wear it. Its a bit too small, but i loved the design too much to not buy it.


A few more from my collection :laughing:


That Golden Axe shirt is awsome


love the dreamcast shirt

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I forgot i have 1 thing i can show. This shorts are a joke graduation gift i bought for a friend, but he’s a couple of months away from graduating so i still have them. We are finishing our engineering undergrad and we both played a lot of TF2, so naturally the only choice was to get him something related to the TF2 engineer, and it needed to be out of pocket but also something useful, so when i found this comfy shorts in aliexpress i knew they where the perfect gift.

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Now that looks really cool to work out in .

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