Various entries to add or update

Just some random entries I’ve lately noticed could be edited or added:

  • Dragon Marked for Death: Advanced Attackers/Frontline Fighters – The title of this game is just Dragon Marked for Death (if you buy the game digitally on Switch, you can choose to buy the two “advanced attacker” characters, or the two “frontline fighter” characters – so those are kind of like DLC packs… if you buy the Switch game cartridge, it includes both packs). On Steam you just get all the characters together. (The game will also be releasing on PS4 soon too.)
  • No picture for these arcade games: Boogie Wings and Martial Masters
  • No entry for these arcade games, as far as I can tell: Nitro Ball (1992 - Data East) and Ken-Go (AKA “Lightning Sword”) (1991 - Irem)
  • An arcade game I added to my played shelf a while back was SonSon, but it is missing details – namely platform shelves (arcade, Famicom). Actually, I’m seeing now there is also an entry called Son Son (two words) which I’m assuming is the same game. (Guess I’ll just add that one instead.) Also according to Wikipedia, there was a SonSon II sequel released for the PC Engine, but it seems there’s no Grouvee entry for that.

Hope this helps – I can add anything more I notice here as I continue exploring random old arcade games…

In regards to Dragon Marked for Death, I think only @peter can change entry titles.

As for Boogie Wings, Martial Masters, and Son Son: In the cases of missing data, I filled those out, and the duplicate has been merged.

For the games (and any other you come accross) that are missing entries altogether, if you’d like, you can add them to the database yourself with this link:
Otherwise, I’ll look into it once this headache I have subsides (unless someone else gets to it before me) :stuck_out_tongue:.

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Awesome, thanks John. I’ll look into adding entries for Nitro Ball and Ken-go then probably later today.

Okay, I’ve made entries for Nitro Ball and Ken-go. I accidentally misspelled “Fencer” in the Ken-go entry’s description though… Sorry, can’t find a way to edit it. I also couldn’t add the developer or publisher for the games for some reason.


Also, is it all right to add an entry for unreleased games that have since been unearthed? I’ve been playing a rom of Segasonic Bros, but there’s no Grouvee entry for that. But I’m not sure if there should be one or not, since despite being a finished game, it didn’t get an official release.

Fixed this.

Not sure if there’s a sitewide policy for this, but by praxis it should probably be OK. I’ve seen plenty of database entries of unfinished/non-published/cancelled games, and unlike this one which even exists in finished and playable form, several of those are even as far as vaporware that were mentioned once or twice and then vanished off the face of the earth.

maybe the search could be updated when searching for games that use accented characters? (a search for ‘roki’ doesn’t return results for this game)