Using an OTG Cable and PS3 Controller for Nexus 7 Android gaming

Hi all, I’ve finally gotten around to getting an OTG cable for my Nexus 7, I’ve tried it with my PS3 Controller and it works ok but I have a few issues just want to know if anyone has been trying the same thing

I bought a sixaxis enabler app the “LOcnet” one below and it connected but I found the buttons didn’t map right, like when I pressed the x button it said I pressed triangle. It’s ok for the emulators but I can’t change it for games like Vice city as you don’t have the options to change the buttons around.

Has anyone used this one “The Locnet” one?

Or the the dancing pixel studios one?

It sucks how the plug that connects to the PS3 controller is different to the ones from the Moga and Nexus 7 if I wanna do 2 player I’m gonna need another one hah. Other then that the controller works fine.

I found the controller wouldn’t work with certain PS1 games using epsxe emulator, does the type of ROM used make a difference? Like EU or US ROM? It wouldn’t work with Mortal Combat Trilogy for example

Lastly I have a MOGA pro controller as well but I couldn’t get it to work at all in B mode, do anyone know what settings you need to have in the MOGA universal driver, the emulators picked up the driver but the controller wouldn’t work.